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The Western Trinity

I'm surprised last issue didn't have the Black Diamond Probability banner, though I'm even more surprised Demon Knights didn't have it, because that was the very beginning of it's journey. This is an extremely intriguing crossover, seeing the journey of the diamond across time, this time surfacing in the 1880's at the hands of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Jonah Hex and Amadeus Arkham have gotten themselves wrapped up in something really big here, and they've only scratched the surface.

The wider supporting cast is really played around with here, the main company finally truly meets up with Yanmei Tsen, The Barbary Ghost. Now, Moritat has DEFINITELY improved the dynamism of his fight scenes, but I'm not a big fan of the way he depicts the Barbary Ghost in battle, her clothes are always a delicate breeze away from full frontal nudity, and her wild kicks always show off her mostly exposed ass. Winslade kept her decent in the same costume in the previous co-feature. But to see her joining the title is an interesting notion, and the back to back to back battle of Jonah Hex, Tallulah Black, and The Barbary Ghost against the Golden Dragons truly brings the title 'All-Star Western' to the forefront of the mind, despite it recently showcasing Jonah Hex's name on the cover. The unfortunate result of this brief union is Tallulah Black's departure from the main story. Seriously, I'm pretty bummed out by it, Tallulah Black is easily my favorite character in this series, and she's an especially good partner for Hex, and a brilliant foil for Amadeus Arkham. The other thing that bothers me is that there's no indication of where her and The Barbary Ghost's story will continue. The next few co-features are already said to be a variety of other western heroes, so will they eventually take over the co-feature for a few issues, or will Jonah have to help them out in the main feature a few issues down the line?

Mr. Hyde bookends the issue with his uncanny sophistication in his dialogue, mannerisms, and personal hygiene; and brings about a disturbing scene at the end which sends this arc into motion as a bigger story than a simple crazy potion with the full reveal of the 'funny little black diamond that changes everything.' It's an interesting take on the classic Mr. Hyde, he seems well mannered and intelligent while still being sadistic and grotesque.

Once again, the Tomahawk Co-feature.... I didn't even bother trying to actually read it, I just skimmed over. The colors are so dry, there's so much dialogue and narrated exposition.... I feel like I'm reading a history textbook. A history buff might like this, but I find no enjoyment in it, and I'm annoyed that it appears this will be the longest running co-feature yet.

In Conclusion: 4/5

Moritat's artwork is improving, the cohesion of the larger 'All-Star Western' notion is coming together more, and the plot is just as far DCU reaching and interesting as always; but I'm devastated to see Tallulah Black go, and I can't STAND the Tomahawk Co-Feature.

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