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When a shadowy menace proves too much, the All-Star Squadron and Justice Society must team up, but will even their combined might be enough?!

The Tarantula goes after a trio of German spies. Tripping over a metal box, the Tarantula finds himself at a disadvantage. Wonder Woman saves the Tarantula's life, and subdues the spies. Opening the metal box, the Tarantula, and Wonder Woman, find a series of newspaper clippings. Back at the Trylon, Wonder Woman uses her Magic Sphere to get to the bottom of the mystery. The Magic Sphere opens on a meeting of the Justice Society of America. Through various methods, each member of the team has raised one-hundred thousand dollars for war orphan relief.

All, that is, save Johnny Thunder, who was expected to raise three-hundred thousand dollars. Inadvertently summoning his mystic Thunderbolt, Thunder wishes that the Batman, the Flash, and Superman, would appear, with the money. Thanks to the power of the Thunderbolt, all three do, each with one-hundred thousand dollars. Doctor Fate, and the Green Lantern, personally deliver the money to the President of the United States of America, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. At the White House, they find Roosevelt under attack from living shadows.

The shadows are revealed to be common thugs, in the employ of Doctor Fate's nemesis, Ian Karkull, just before they burst into flame. The Green Lantern retrieves a burned scrap of paper, with a list of names and locations. Returning to the Justice Society of America, the Green Lantern sends the team out to deal with the threat. Karkull assembles a team of villains to carry out his scheme. In Arkansas, Superman rescues Lois Lane, a reporter for the Daily Planet, when her plane is destroyed by the Lightning Master. The Lightning Master targets an Army/Navy Hospital. Superman is overwhelmed by the Lightning Master.

A timely appearance by Johnny Thunder, and his Thunderbolt, gives Superman the time to recover, and defeat the Lighting Master. Lane insists on being brought along on the case. In Texas, the Hawkgirl, and the Hawkman, defeat Alexander The Great. In Michigan, the Spectre defeats Zor. In New England, the Atom, and the Sandman, defeat the Tarantula. In Fort Lewis, Washington, the Flash meets up with Major Williams, and his daughter, Joan. A sudden seismic disturbance leads the Flash into conflict with Sieur Satan.

The Flash destroys Sieur Satan's drilling machine. Joan insists on coming along with the Flash. The Batman, and Robin, the Boy Wonder, storm the lot at Warner Brothers' studios. The Caped Crusaders confront the Catwoman. Leveling a gun on the Dynamic Duo, the Catwoman shoots a second assassin, taking a gunshot wound to her shoulder. The Catwoman loses consciousness. The Green Lantern battles Wotan. Though the Green Lantern does defeat Wotan, a young boy dies during the conflict. In Georgia, the Hourman confront Doctor Doog.

Taking a second Miraclo pill, the Hourman is able to withstand the discharge from Doctor Doog's Ultra-Dynamo. The Starman destroys the Ultra-Dynamo, then beats Doctor Doog into unconsciousness. The Hourman collapses, suffering the ill effects from a Miraclo overdose. In the Caribbean Sea, Doctor Fate keeps a ship from capsizing. Doctor Fate confronts Karkull. After an epic mystic battle, Doctor Fate conjures forth the Justice Society of America, to aid him in finishing Karkull off. The Green Lantern, the Spectre, and the Starman, attack Karkull in unison.

The Spectre destroys Karkull, releasing powerful temporal energies that rain down upon the Justice Society of America. The Spectre reveals that the temporal energy the Justice Society of America absorbed will extend their life spans, while sustaining their vigor in later years. The Hourman decides to take a leave of absence, to deal with his Miraclo addiction. The Starman is offered the Hourman's place on the team. The Green Lantern steps down as chairman, turning the position over to the Hawkman. Doctor Fate departs, to deal with Nabu's growing possession of his consciousness.

The Justice Society of America is at a loss to determine Karkull's motivation in targeting ten, seemingly, random men for assassination. The Tarantula, and Wonder Woman, are also unable to figure out Karkull's scheme. Unbeknownst to the Justice Society Of America, Karkull's ten would-be victims, will each be elected to the office of the President Of The Untied States Of America, in the coming decades.

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