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As the Crisis rages on, the All-Stars meet to discuss Mekanique's fate while she's in Robotman's lab.

Out Of The Ashes...Mekanique!

Aquaman stealthily approaches the Trylon. Having tripped a motion detector, Aquaman is confronted by the All-Star Squadron. After gaining the team's trust, introductions are made. Liberty Belle begins the meeting. Doctor Occult briefs the All-Star Squadron, on the whereabouts of the Justice Society of America members still lost in hyperspace. Johnny Quick opens a communications channel to Robotman's laboratory. The All-Star Squadron have concerns, regarding a robotic antagonist that Robotman has insisted upon repairing. Robotman continues to show hostility towards the All-Star Squadron.

The All-Star Squadron take a vote to determine if Robotman should be left to his own devices, regarding the automaton. The All-Star Squadron vote to bring the construct back to their headquarters. Robotman refuses to comply, disabling the communications link to drive his point home. The All-Star Squadron assign a volunteer delegation to speak to, and try to reason with, Robotman. Air Wave, the Firebrand, the Green Lantern, and the Shining Knight, storm Robotman's laboratory. There, they find Robotman, and Doctor Charles Grayson, attempting to revive the mechanism, which Robotman has dubbed "Mekanique".

Robotman declares that the All-Star Squadron regard him, as they do Mekanique. Air Wave becomes concerned over the power Robotman is channeling into Mekanique. The moment the Green Lantern tries to shut the system down, Robotman attacks him. All Hell breaks loose. The Shining Knight begins slicing through wiring, attempting to disrupt the flow of power. Robotman attacks Air Wave. The Firebrand confronts Robotman. Air Wave grapples with Grayson, desperate to shut the power down. Just before the laboratory explodes, the Green Lantern revives, and shields the team. The Firebrand melts Robotman's legs together. Having survived the explosion, a revived Mekanique places itself between the All-Star Squadron and Robotman. The conflict is far from over.

"Shanghaied Into Hyperspace!"-Interlude Eight

Impossibly, the Spectre has been trapped inside a rocket ship, en route for the planet, Pluto. Upon landing, the Spectre discovers the entrance to an underground city. Almost immediately, the Spectre is attacked. Quickly, the Spectre begins speaking his attacker's language. The Specre is brought before Freyor, the leader of the underground city. MIstakenly, Freyor believes the Spectre will aid in the war against the Furied Ones, surface dwelling Plutonians. The Furied Ones attack.

Breaking through the dome that protects the entrance to the subterranean city, the Furied Ones inadvertently release the very heat and atmosphere they covert. The Spectre uses frozen fuel from his rocket ship to patch the hole in the dome. The Spectre forces the Furied Ones and the subterranean dwellers to forge a peace between their two peoples. In return for his service, the Spectre is gifted with one of the Furied Ones' portable heaters. The Spectre returns home, to Earth.


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