All-Star Squadron #4

    All-Star Squadron » All-Star Squadron #4 - Day of the Dragon King! released by DC Comics on December 1, 1981.

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    The All-Star Squadron flies to Pearl Harbor. En route, the multitude of heroes engage in idle chitchat. The Spectre wonders about Doctor Fate's diminished power.The Green Lantern reflects on the reasons for the absence of the Phantom Lady, and Plastic Man. Johnny Thunder hits on Wonder Woman. The Hawkman worries about his wife. Johnny Quick fawns over his idol, the Flash. The Atom discusses his feelings of inadequacy, with Robotman. Liberty Belle asks Doctor Mid-Nite for help explaining her super-power. Superman reminisces about the days when he was the world's only super-hero.

    With his telescopic vision, Superman is the first hero to see the devastation wrought on Pearl Harbor, by the Japanese. The All-Star Squadron is struck speechless, in horror, as they survey the destruction. Nervous Naval men fire on the All-Star Squadron. Superman prevents artillery shells from striking Wonder Woman's invisible jet. The Spectre casts a protective aura around the All-Star Squadron, to keep them from harm. Johnny Thunder commands his Thunderbolt to send a message, calling off the attack. The All-Star Squadron tours Pearl Harbor, their rage growing with every passing second.

    Superman proposes going after the Japanese fleet. The Hawkman counters that the United States has not officially declared war, as yet, with Japan. Liberty Belle avers that Japan declared war the second their fighter planes attacked Pearl Harbor. The All-Star Squadron puts it to a vote, unanimously deciding to go after the Japanese fleet. The Batman, the Flash, Robin, the Boy Wonder, the Sandman, and the Starman remain in Pearl Harbor, to guard against saboteurs. The Shining Knight carries Danette Reilly to the hospital. The Shining Knight voices concern over the warmth of Reilly's skin.

    Reilly encounters Slugger Dunn, at the bedside of her brother, Rod. The doctor's are uncertain if Rod will survive, after having been strafed by Japanese fighter planes, during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Reilly weeps over her brother. The All-Star Squadron are baffled over their inability to find the Japanese fleet. The Spectre complains of a strange feeling. The All-Star Squadron decides to head for Wake Island. On an island midway between Wake Island, and the All-Star Squadron, the Dragon King prepares for the All-Star Squadron.

    The Reichsfuhrer, Adolph Hitler, along with Japan's Premier, Hideki Tojo, use the Spear of Destiny, and the Holy Grail, to project a mystic field around the Axis territories. The field deeply affects anyone particularly sensitive, or susceptible, to magic, aligning them with the Axis powers. As the All-Star Squadron approach, they feel the effects of the field. The Green Lantern immediately switches loyalties, from the Allies to the Axis, and threatens the All-Star Squadron. The Hawkman attempts to reason with the Green Lantern, only to come under attack from Doctor Fate.

    The Green Lantern delivers the Atom, Doctor Mid-Nite, Johnny Quick, Liberty Belle, and Robotman to the Japanese. The Spectre, Superman, and Wonder Woman fight to retain their free will. Liberty Belle stuns the Green Lantern, with a piece of drift wood. Robotman shields the other heroes, from Japanese gunfire. An epic battle ensues. Johnny Thunder succumbs to the Axis' mystic field, ordering his Thunderbolt to attack Wake Island. Wonder Woman, too, succumbs to the field, and follows the Thunderbolt. The Hawkman's fight with Doctor Fate carries them out of range of the field.

    Doctor Fate regains his senses. The Robotman destroys the Dragon King's amplifier. The destruction of the amplifier has no effect on the field, as it is now fully established. The Hawkman taunts the Green Lantern, to lead him out of the field. To the Hawkman's dismay, Johnny Thunder, the Spectre, Superman, the Thunderbolt, and Wonder Woman begin pursuing him, too. The Hawkman just manages to lead his pursuers out form behind the influence of the field, before they can catch him.

    With the field in place, the most powerful members of the All-Star Squadron cannot take action behind enemy lines, lest they lose their free will, and side, once more, with the Axis powers. Unfortunately for the Axis powers, the field is at it's maximum range, and thus cannot be expanded to include the United States of America. The Hawkman harbors a secret intention.


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