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The Squadron heads to Detroit to face off against a radical group called “Real American.”

Detroit Is Dynamite!

Commander Steel, and Robotman, attempt to thwart a bank robbery. Piloting an experimental flame-throwing tank, the bank robbers seem unstoppable. Commander Steel takes a moment, away from fighting the tank, to rescue an innocent bystander. While rescuing a reporter, Robotman's legs are vaporized. Robotman's legless torso falls before the tank treads. Commander Steel storms the tank, tearing into the cockpit, to directly face the bank robbers. Commander Steel defeats the tank crew, before the tank can roll over Robotman. The robbers are turned over to the authorities. En route to the Trylon, Commander Steel, and Robotman, listen to the anti-American broadcast of Lady Lorelei.

Learning that a United States Army Captain, Brad Farley, has been captured, Commander Steel takes a detour. Leaving Robotman's broken body in a back alley, Commander Steel confronts his former fiance, Gloria Farley. Commander Steel reveals his secret identity to Gloria. Commander Steel promises to rescue Farley, so that Gloria can choose which man she truly loves, Commader Steel takes Robotman to the Trylon. The loss of his lower torso has served to remind Robotman of his lost humanity. While conducting repairs, Robotman's mood is noticeably darker. Thinking they're alone, Commanderr Steel is surprised to see Liberty Belle exiting Johnny Quick's quarters.

Johnny Quick emerges, adjusting his uniform. Their romantic relationship has become blatantly obvious. The Firebrand, and the Tarantula, arrive, followed by the Hour Man. Johnny Quick has put a film reel together to apprise the Hour Man of what occurred during the Hour Man's time as a prisoner of war. The film reel begins with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and ends with the All-Star Squadron's thwarting of a Japanese attack on Santa Barbara. The Green Lantern, and the Hawkman, arrive with a film reel of their own. The Green Lantern, and the Hawkman, warmly welcome the Hour Man back to their ranks.

The Green Lantern reports on the All-Star Squadron's success, in dealing with a threat to London, from the Marvel Family. The Green Lantern's film reel, narrated by Alan Scott, depicts the racial tensions erupting in Detroit, regarding a Negro housing project, known as the Sojourner Truth Homes. Assaults on black citizens have escalated. One such victim, after forcibly being removed from his car, and beaten, is turned over to the Phantom Empire. The Phantom Empire bind the man to a cross, douse him with gasoline, then set him on fire. The All-Star Squadron recognize the man as Will Everett, an Olympic Gold Medalist, and a costumed hero, the Amazing Man.

Everett uses his power to take on the physical properties of the chains binding him, transforming into steel. Everett escapes, though his current whereabouts remain unknown. The All-Star Squadron decide to send a delegation to Detroit, to keep the peace when the Sojourner Truth Homes open. Commander Steel opts out of the mission, to pursue his own goal of finding Farley, and freeing him from his Axis captors. The Green Lantern, and the Hawkman, head to Washington, D.C. to report on their mission in London. The All-Star Squadron head to Detroit in their new aircraft, the All-Star Special. The Real American takes command of the Phantom Empire, promising further violence.

Amazing World Of DC Comics

A two-page spread, reproduced from the Golden Age issue, depicting various super-heroes, and masked mystery men, from National, Quality, & Fawcett publications, as illustrated by Marshall Rogers.

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