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Will the Freedom Fighters stay in Earth-X or will they return to Earth-2?

On Earth-X, Baron Blitzkrieg has just defeated the Freedom Fighters, and the Hour Man. On Earth-2, Tsunami has generated a tidal wave to crash down on Johnny Quick, and LIberty Belle. In the inter-dimensional space between Earth-2 and Earth-X, the Spectre is desperately holding the two worlds apart, to keep them from colliding with one another. The Starman throws a force field around Johnny Quick, and Liberty Belle, to protect them from Tsunami's wave. The Firebrand, Johnny Quick, Liberty Belle, and the Starman, race for the coast of Santa Barbara. Having collected her wits, Tsunami generates an even more massive wave, one that threatens the entire coastline.

Neptune Perkins grabs Tsunami, and grapples her beneath the ocean's surface, dissipating her tidal weave. Tsunami defeats Neptune Perkins. Captain Rick Cannon shares a tender reunion with Liberty Belle. Though Cannon still loves her, Liberty Belle is not sure she shares those feelings any longer. The imminent collision of Earth-2 into Earth-X begins to create visible distortions in the skies. The Spectre despairs that he does not have the power to stop the destruction of both worlds. The Freedom Fighters, and the Hour Man, regain consciousness, as prisoners of Baron Blitzkrieg. While having his blindness treated, Baron Blitzkrieg became aware of a powerful psychic signature.

Unbeknownst to Baron Blitzkrieg, this was the psychic energy Uncle Sam expended, to open a portal between Earth-2 and Earth-X. Locking on to the that psychic signature, Baron Blitzkrieg found himself drawn to Earth-X, where, inexplicably, his sight was restored. Learning of the presence of the Doll Man, and Midnight, in Nazi-occupied France, Baron Blitzkrieg journeyed there, in the hopes of returning to Earth-2 with them. Baron Blitzkrieg, fearing his sight would be lost again, chose not to depart Earth-X. Establishing a psychic conduit with his man on Earth-2, Zwerg, Baron Blitzkrieg ordered German saboteurs to strike in Gotham City, Keystone City, Metropolis, and New York City, to keep the mystery men of Earth-2 occupied.

Baron Blitzkrieg commandeered a Japanese warship, and made plans to attack Santa Barbara. On board the warship, Baron Blitzkrieg learned the Japanese military had taken the Hour Man prisoner. The Hour Man was turned over to Baron Blitzkrieg, who tortured the Hour Man to learn the secret of Miraclo. Unable to break the Hour Man, Baron Blitzkrieg threatens to murder the Phantom Lady, right in front of him, unless the Hour Man reveals the secret of Miraclo. The Red Bee, thought slain, attacks Baron Blitzkrieg. The Ray manages to activate the Phantom Lady's Black Light ray, and train it on the Hour Man. After a breif battle, Baron Blitzkrieg brutally murders the Red Bee.

The Black Light Ray re-energizes the Miraclo in the Hour Man's blood stream, restoring his super-human strength. Despite that fact, the Hour Man is still subdued by Baron Blitzkrieg. Unwilling to watch another hero die, Uncle Sam musters all of his power to break his chains. An epic brawl ensues between Baron Blitzkrieg, and Uncle Sam. The Hour Man confirms the Red Bee's death. Nazi soldiers storm Baron Blitzkrieg's base of operations. All Hell breaks loose The inter-dimensional distortions in the sky become more pronounced. Fearing the destruction of the world, Baron Blitzkrieg opens a portal back to Earth-2, taking three of the German soldiers with him.

The Spectre appears, to take the Freedom Fighters home. Because three Earth-X German soldiers traveled to Earth-2, with Baron Blitzkrieg, three of the Freedom Fighters, from Earth-2, are asked to stay behind, to restore the cosmic balance. The Black Condor, the Ray, and Uncle Sam remain on Earth-X. As feared, Baron Blitzkrieg's sight is lost anew, upon returning to Earth-2. Baron Blitzkrieg flees, rather than face the All-Star Squadron. Liberty Bell chooses Johnny Quick, over Cannon. The Spectre returns the Doll Man, the Hour Man, and the Phantom Lady to Earth-2. The assembled heroes take a moment to honor the Red Bee.


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