All-Star Squadron #34

    All-Star Squadron » All-Star Squadron #34 - The Wrath of Tsunami! released by DC Comics on June 1984.

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    Defeated by Blitzkrieg, the Freedom Fighters must fight the evil on Earth-X.

    The Firebrand, Johnny Quick, and Neptune Perkins pursue a Japanese submarine, off the coast of Santa Barbara. Only Neptune Perkins, however, can actually search for the submarine, beneath the waves. Regardless of that fact, Johnny Quick dives down, speed swimming to the submarine. Johnny Quick is snared in a steel mesh net. When Neptune Perkins attempts to tear Johnny Quick free, both men are electrocuted into unconsciousness. Worried, the Firebrand dives below the waves, but is unable to locate her comrades. The Firebrand returns to Neptune Perkins' houseboat. Johnny Quick, and Neptune Perkins, regain consciousness aboard the submarine, bound to a chair.

    The submarine captain, Kizo Noshino, reveals that a humiliating moment form his past fuels his desire to destroy the oil refinery, at Goweto. Johnny Quick laughs at Noshino, infuriating the submarine captian. Noshino orders the submarine to surface, so that he may begin shelling the oil refinery. In the inter-dimensional space between Earth-2, and Earth-X, the Spectre desperately tries to keep the two worlds from colliding. On Earth-X, Baron Blitzkrieg threatens to execute the Hourman, unless the Freedom Fighters surrender. The Hourman orders the Freedom Fighters not to surrender on his behalf.

    While the Freedom Fighters debate on a course of action, the Ray leaps into a shaft of light, and attacks Baron Blitzkrieg. All Hell breaks loose on the Japanese aircraft carrier. The Phantom Lady blinds Baron Blitzkrieg, with her Black Light Beam, triggering his trauma from previously losing his sight. The Black Condor, the Doll Man, the Ray, and Unlce Sam attack Baron Blitzkrieg. The Human Bomb moves into position to strike. Unexpectedly, Baron Blitzkrieg, still blinded, leaps up and grabs the Human Bomb. The Human Bomb is thrown to the flight deck, where his explosive powers render the Freedom Fighters unconscious.

    Baron Blitzkrieg personally strikes the Phantom Lady down. The Freedom Fighters are taken captive. The Japanese sailors report that the Red Bee was vaporized by the Human Bomb's detonation. Baron Blitzkrieg releases the Hourman from his chains. Suffering from terrible withdrawal pains, the Hourman is no match for Baron Blitzkrieg. The Hourman's defeat is lauded as another triumph for the Third Reich. Tsunami boards the Japanese submarine, and reports her failure to sway the loyalty of Japanese-Americans towards Imperial Japan. Noshino fires on Goweto. The Starman surrounds the oil refinery in a force field.

    The Firebrand melts the Japanese submarine's weapons, and conning tower. The Japanese submarine submerges. Noshino orders the execution of Johnny Quick, and Neptune Perkins. The Firebrand, Liberty Belle, and the Starman, storm the Japanese submarine. All Hell breaks loose on the Japanese submarine. The Starman imprisons Tsunami behind a force field. A stray bullet sets off an explosion, destroying the submarine. Liberty Belle drags the unconscious body of Johnny Quick to the surface. Liberty Belle swims for a buoy. Her momentary respite ends quickly, as Tsunami attacks.


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