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Trapped in the inter-dimensional space between Earth-2 and Earth-X, the Spectre helplessly watches, as the Japanese invade California. The Freedom Fighters, trapped behind an aura provided by the Spectre, bear witness to the Japanese attack, on an oilfield in Goleta. The Spectre's aura protects the Freedom Fighters from immediately being killed by the Japanese. As the aura finally fades away, the Freedom Fighters engage the Japanese military. After repelling the Japanese ground forces, the Freedom Fighters take the fight out into the Pacific Ocean.

The Spectre is barred, by a higher power, from interfering. The Spectre is allowed to bear witness, as events unfold, simultaneously, on Earth-2. The Starman carries the Firebrand, Johnny Quick, and Liberty Belle to Santa Barbara, California. En route, Johnny Quick bickers with Liberty Belle. Liberty Belle reveals that their contact, in Santa Barbara, is a man she has romantic feelings for, Captain Rick Cannon. At the rendezvous point, in Goleta, the All-Star Squadron find signs of a struggle. The All-Star Squadron splits up, into two teams of two, to investigate Cannon's disappearance.

The Firebrand reveals, to Johnny Quick, her newfound ability to fly. The Firebrand, and Johnny Quick, investigate a houseboat, adrift near the refinery. Neptune Perkins confronts the Firebrand, and Johnny Quick. Spying a periscope breaking the ocean's surface, the Firebrand, Johnny Quick, and Neptune Perkins investigate. Liberty Belle, and the Starman, follow Cannon's trail to a warehouse, in the Japanese section of Santa Barbara. There, they find a group of Issei, and Nisei, citizens meeting with a shadowy figure.

None of the assembled Issei, nor Nisei, have any interest in switching their loyalty to Imperial Japan. The shadowy figure reveals herself to be Tsunami. The Issei, and Nisei, refuse Tsunami's recruitment drive. Cannon orders them to take Tsunami into custody. Tsunami attacks Cannon. Liberty Belle sends a signal, to Tom Revere, to ring the Liberty Bell, in Philadelphia. The ringing of the LIberty Bell enhances Liberty Belle's physical prowess. Liberty Belle, and the Starman, storm the warehouse. The Starman rescues Cannon, while LIberty Belle engages Tsunami.

The Starman is disarmed, giving the advantage to Tsunami. An elderly man leaps in the way of Tsunami's attack. Horrified at her actions, Tsunami flees. The elderly man reveals that Tsunami is his daughter. The Spectre attempts to return to Earth-2. In doing so, he inadvertently draws Earth-X towards Earth-2's dimensional space. The Specte fights to keep the two worlds from colliding. The Freedom Fighters attack the Japanese fleet. Baron Blitzkrieg orders the Freedom Fighters to surrender, or else he will give the order to execute the Hour Man.


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