All-Star Squadron #32

    All-Star Squadron » All-Star Squadron #32 - Crisis on Earth-X! The Prequel released by DC Comics on April 1, 1984.

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    The All-Star Squadron gather around the unconscious form of the Doll Man. Doctor Mid-Nite tends to Midnight's gunshot shoulder wound. The Green Lantern uses his power ring to revive the Doll Man. Wonder Woman binds Uncle Sam in her Lasso of Truth, to prove the veracity of his story. After a battle with the Steel Helmets, a ring of German saboteurs, Uncle Sam saw a vision of the future, specifically the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese.

    Feeling the Justice Society of America could handle the Japanese military, Uncle Sam recruited five super-heroes to journey back to Earth-X with him, to fight the Axis powers there. Having already gathered the Invisible Hood, Magno, the Magnetic Man, Miss America, Neon, the Unknown, and the Red Torpedo, Uncle Sam set his sights on one final recruit, the Hour Man. Uncle Sam approached the Hour Man, in his civilian guise, Rex Tyler, a chemist.

    Tyler believed Uncle Sam's story of a parallel Earth to be nonsense. A brief scuffle broke out between the two men, wherein Tyler's identity as the Hour Man was revealed. Confronted by Uncle Sam's "Freedom Fighters", the Hour Man became convinced of the veracity of Uncle Sam's story, and agreed to join the team. Uncle Sam opened a portal to Earth-X, which deposited the seven heroes out over the Pacific Ocean. Miss America used her molecular restructuring powers to transform an albatross into a floating platform, for the team to stand on.

    Suddenly, the sky was filled with Japanese fighter planes, en route to bomb Pearl Harbor. The Freedom Fighters repelled the Japanese attack, saving thousands of lives, but lost their own lives in the process. Only Uncle Sam survived. Uncle Sam washed ashore on Oahu, and was immediately taken into custody by the United States Military. Uncle Sam was placed in a padded cell, where he spent his days tormented by the "ghosts" of the heroes he had sent to their deaths.

    Eventually, Uncle Sam mustered enough power to open the portal, and return to Earth-2. Upon arrival, Uncle Sam had another vision of the future, one in which the Japanese military attack the United States of America's West Coast. Midnight offers to corroborate Uncle Sam's story. Midnight, and the Doll Man, had been tracking Uncle Sam's movements, and followed him to Tyler Pharmaceutical. Unbeknownst to Uncle Sam, the Doll Man, and Midnight, were able to leap into the portal between Earths, just before it faded.

    The Doll Man, and Midnight, however, were not transported to the Pacific Ocean, but rather to Nazi-occupied France. The Doll Man, and Midnight, joined the French Resistance, eventually coming to the realization that they were no longer on their own world. The Doll Man, and Midnight, learned of the Japanese military's planned attack on the United States of America. Attempting to learn exactly where the Japanese military planned their beachhead, the Doll Man eavesdropped on the Germans, learning of Baron Blitzkrieg's involvement.

    The Doll Man's presence was given away, when he was attacked by a rat. The Doll Man, Midnight, and the French Resistance fighters fled to the Cathedral at Notre Dame, where they made their last stand. Mademoiselle Simone was gunned down by Nazi soliders. Baron Blitzkrieg personally struck down the Doll Man. Suddenly, the portal reappeared. Grabbing the Doll Man, Midnight leapt through the portal. Baron Blitzkrieg ordered the Nazi soldiers to pursue.

    Midnight, carrying the Doll Man in a safety deposit box, had been on the run ever since, until he finally reached the All-Star Squadron. The All-Star Squadron become aware of acts of sabotage in Metropolis, Gotham City, Keystone City, and New York, as well as an imminent attack on the West Coast. Liberty Belle agrees to send a delegation of the All-Star Squadron back to Earth-X, with Uncle Sam, and the Doll Man. The Firebrand, Johnny Quick, Liberty Belle, and the Starman head for Santa Barbara.

    The Spectre transports the All-Star Squadron's delegation to Earth-X. The Spectre, however, is prevented, by a higher power, from traveling with them. The Spectre is allowed to watch, as the Black Condor, the Doll Man, the Human Bomb, the Phantom Lady, the Red Bee, the Ray and Uncle Sam arrive, just in time to witness the Japanese attack on Santa Barbara, on Earth-X.


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