All-Star Squadron #31

    All-Star Squadron » All-Star Squadron #31 - Uncle Sam Wants You! released by DC Comics on March 1984.

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    Uncle Sam crashes an All-Star Squadron meeting and tells them about a parallel Earth!

    Midnight races through the streets of Manhattan, clutching a metal box. Midnight's pursuers, Nazi soldiers in full uniform, close in on him. Midnight leaps aboard a speeding train, desperate to reach the All-Star Squadron. En route to the first general meeting of the All-Star Squadron, the Hawkgirl, and the Hawkman, meet the Black Condor, and the Ray. At the Perisphere, the Black Condor, the Hawkgirl, the Hawkman, and the Ray, are met by Gernsbeck, the robot butler of the All-Star Squadron. Virtually the full roster of the All-Star Squadron are in attendance. Dan, the Dyna-Mite, Robin, the Boy Wonder, Sandy, the Golden Boy, and Speedy argue over who has the better mentor.

    The Seven Soldiers of Victory officially meet the Justice Society of America. The Manhunters argue over who has more of a right to the codename. The Phantom Lady speaks with the Starman, revealing their knowledge of each other's secret identities, and familial connection. Liberty Belle debuts her new costume. Liberty Belle and Johnny Quick continue to have conflict in their relationship. Sargon, the Sorcerer, meets with Zatara, the Magician. Johnny Thunder speaks with the Whip. Liberty Belle assembles the All-Star Squadron, and calls roll. Liberty Belle acknowledges the absences of Aquaman, the Amazing Man, the Blackhawks, and the Shining Knight.

    Liberty Belle offers all members of the All-Star Squadron a radio communication device. The President of the United States of America, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, addresses the All-Star Squadron. The Black Condor, and the Ray, voice their desire to attack the Axis powers directly, rather than protect the home front. Uncle Sam crashes the meeting. Midnight battles Nazi soldiers on the train, suffering a gunshot wound to his shoulder. Returning fire, Midnight causes one of the solders to accidentally drop a grenade, that derails the train. Midnight is the only survivor of the train wreck. Uncle Sam introduces himself, and tells his tale.

    One night, while subduing Nazi saboteurs, a portal appeared before Uncle Sam. Stepping through the portal, Uncle Sam found himself transported to a parallel Earth, one with neither super-heroes nor mystery men. It was also a world where Germany was winning the war. Uncle Sam returned to Earth-2, and recruited a half dozen super-heroes to return to "Earth-X" with him, to aid the Allie's war effort. Unfortunately, all six heroes died fighting the Germans. Uncle Sam barely made it back to Earth-2. Now, Uncle Sam has come to ask the All-Star Squadron to return to Earth-X, with him, to fight the Germans.

    The Black Condor, the Human Bomb, the Phantom Lady, the Ray, and the Red Bee are all in favor of sending a delegation with Uncle Sam to Earth-X. Several other heroes dissent, believing that fighting for another world's liberty is outside of their purview. Liberty Belle puts the matter to a vote. Midnight stumbles into the Perisphere, and collapses. The Phantom Lady opens the metal box Midnight carried, and discovers the unconscious form of the Doll Man.


    • The cover is a homage to the World War One recruitment poster featuring Uncle Sam.


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