All-Star Squadron #30

    All-Star Squadron » All-Star Squadron #30 - Day of the Black Dragon! released by DC Comics on February 1984.

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    Wonder Woman talks to Liberty Belle about the Justice Society's encounter with the Black Dragon Society.

    Liberty Belle greets Wonder Woman, at the Perisphere. Liberty Belle is preparing for the first general meeting of the All-Star-Squadron. Wonder Woman is there to type up the latest exploits of the Justice Battalion Of America. Major McNichols tasked the Justice Battalion of America with recovering eight kidnapped scientists, and their incredible inventions. The Black Dragon Society was believed to have been behind the abductions. The Justice Battalion of America split up to investigate each abduction. Wonder Woman was left behind, on reserve, to deal with any new threats. The Hawkman's investigation led him to Grant Peak, where a medieval castle stood.

    Within the castle, the Hawkman encountered the Black Dragon Society, along with one of the missing inventions, a self-propelled propeller. The Hawkman, while attempting to steal the propeller's blue prints, was spotted by sentries. An epic battle ensued, one which, ultimately, the Hawkman lost. The Hawkman was strapped to one of the blades of the propeller. The Black Dragon Society flew the propellor to New York, intent on razing the city. The Hawkman managed to break loose of his bonds, en route to New York. The Black Dragon Society dropped a warhead on New York, which the Hawkman caught, and carried out to sea.

    The Hawkman overpowered the Black Dragon Society, commandeered the propellor, then used it to destroy the castle. All around the country, the Justice Battalion Of America scored similar successes. In the southwest, Doctor Fate recovered a flame-throwing tank from the Black Dragon Society. Doctor Mid-Nite recovered a death-ray from the Black Dragon Society. The Spectre recovered a rocket bomb, and it's inventor, Charles Reagan, from the Black Dragon Society. The Starman recovered an aircraft-carrying dirigible from the Black Dragon Society. The Sandman recovered modern age greek fire from the Black Dragon Society.

    The Atom's investigation led him to San Francisco, on the hunt for a powerful explosive, created by Doctor Eben Gardner. The Atom was accosted by Morrie Fushido, a Japanese-American man, who wished to prove his loyalty to the United States of America. The Atom, and Fushido, stormed the Black Dragon Society's headquarters, beneath a Japanese restaurant, and recovered the explosive. Johnny Thunder commanded his mystic Thunderbolt to take him to the heart of the Black Dragon Society. Johnny Thunder ordered his mystic Thunderbolt to thwart the Black Dragon Society's attack on an airplane factory.

    With the Thunderbolt otherwise engaged, Johnny Thunder was easily taken prisoner by the Black Dragon Society. Interpreting Johnny Thunder's comments to the Black Dragon Society in the most beneficial way possible, the Thunderbolt brought the Justice Battalion of America to Johnny Thunder's rescue. The Justice Battalion Of America took down the Black Dragon Society. Her record ended, Wonder Woman worries over the growing anti-Japanese sentiment in America. Liberty Belle tries to ease Wonder Woman's concerns. The President of the United States of America, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, signs an executive order, placing thousands of Japanese-Americans in relocation centers.


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