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Sargon the Sorcerer, who wields the magical Ruby of Life, steps in to help the Justice Society against the evil Kulak.

The Justice Society of America bear witness to the entry of Kulak, the High Priest of Brztal, into the mortal plane. The Atom, still suffering the after-effects of radiation poisoning, struggles to get out of his hospital bed. With only Kulak's hands piercing inter-dimensional space, the Justice Society of America engage their foe. Left behind, due to his lack of super-human powers, the Atom gives in to self-pity. The world's population pauses, as all across the Earth, the image of Kulak's hands, and now face, can be seen in the sky. Wonder Woman attempts to bind Kulak's hand with her Lasso of Truth, while the Starman focuses the power of his Gravity Rod in an all out attack.

Kulak flicks them away. The Hawkman takes a blow meant for Johnny Thunder. Johnny Thunder orders his Thunderbolt to rescue the Hawkman, while the Sandman keeps the Starman from falling to his death. Crowds of horrified civilians look upon the Justice Society of America's defeat, and give in to despair. The Atom watches, helplessly. Sargon, the Sorcerer, lays hands upon the Atom, restoring much of the Atom's vigor. Sargon, the Sorcerer, rides a flying carpet into battle, alongside the Justice Society of America. As Sargon, the Sorcerer, joins the battle, Kulak expresses fear. The Justice Society of America renew their assault, providing a distraction for Sargon, the Sorcerer.

Sargon, the Sorcerer, makes contact with the Ring of Life, on Kulak's finger. Through the power of his Ruby of Life, Sargon, the Sorcerer, banishes Kulak back to his home realm. The Justice Society of America, with Sargon, the Sorcerer, rejoin the Atom. Sargon, the Sorcerer, reveals that the threat from Kulak may not be over. Sargon, the Sorcerer, tells his tale. As a child, Sargon, the Sorceror, touched the Ruby Of Life, which adorned his mother's neck. The Ruby of Life gave Sargon, the Sorcerer, the power to animate, and control, any touched object. Sargon, the Sorceror, learned that the Ruby Of Life was but a small piece of a much bigger gemstone, housed in the Ring Of Life.

Wearing the Ring Of Life, the Spectre repelled Kulak's first attempt to destroy the Earth. The Ring Of Life faded from the Spectre's hand, to appear on the hand of a common crook. As the Ring Of Life neutralized the Spectre, the Ghostly Guardian was forced to use indirect methods to exact justice. The Ring Of Life faded from the crook's hand, to appear on Kulak's hand. Kulak used the Ring Of Life to restore his power. Taking possession of the Spectre, Kulak tasked the Spectre with guarding Kulak's "tomb", until Kulak had been fully restored. Doctor Fate attempted to thwart Kulak's awakening, but was defeated by the Spectre.

The mystic energy unleashed in the Spectre's epic battle, with Doctor Fate, finished restoring Kulak. Upon awakening, Kulak felled the Spectre. Still under Kulak's command, the Spectre returns to destroy the Earth. Through the Spectre, Kulak speaks the Whispering Death, which causes all mankind to take up arms against one another. The individual members of the Justice Society of America threaten to murder one another, after they have dealt with the Spectre. Sargon, the Sorceror, seeks out Doctor Fate, who was left helplessly falling through infinite dimensions, after his battle with the Spectre. Sargon, the Sorcerer, reaches out to Doctor Fate, who spurns him.

The spirit of Nabu holds sway over Doctor Fate. Having been defeated, Nabu fears another battle with the Spectre. Sargon, the Sorcerer, appeals to Doctor Fate's human host, Kent Nelson, to fight for the Earth, and save humanity. Nelson wins out over Nabu. Sargon, the Sorcerer, transports Doctor Fate to Kulak's realm. Doctor Fate confronts Kulak. An epic battle ensues. The Justice Society of America are barely holding their own against the Spectre. Doctor Mid-Nite, and the Sandman, break off their attack, to aid endangered civilians. Just as the Spectre is about to deliver the death blow to all humanity, he suddenly freezes.

The battle, against Doctor Fate, has forced Kulak to cede his control on the Spectre. Kulak defeats Doctor Fate, wrenching the Helmet of Nabu from his head. Nelson is thrown back to Earth, where he is caught by the Starman. Kulak dons the Helmet of Nabu. Kulak is overwhelmed by the Helmet of Nabu, and falls though infinite planes of existence, seemingly forever. The Whispering Death spell is broken. The Spectre regains control of his actions. The Starman generates a heat shield to keep the crowds away. The Spectre brings forth Inza Cramer, to aid in Kent Nelson's recovery.

The Spectre also summons the smaller helmet that Nelson wears, without Nabu's influence, as Doctor Fate. Sargon, the Sorcerer, with the Atom, penetrates the Starman's heat shield, to join the Justice Society of America. The Justice Society of America return to Washington, D.C to await their orders from the War Department. Doctor Fate is allowed a few days time, to spend with Cramer, to fully recover.

Note: This issue features a two page house advertisement for the new Infinity, Inc. series, drawn by Mick Machlan, and inked by Jerry Ordway. The advertisement features the second Wildcat, Yolanda Montez, under the codename "La Garro", wearing a golden-colored version of Wildcat's costume. Montez never wore that costume, nor operated under the codename, "La Garro". Sandy, the Golden Boy, not pictured, was also named as a member of Infinity, Incorporated. This also proves not to be true.


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