All-Star Squadron #26

    All-Star Squadron » All-Star Squadron #26 - Talons Across Time! released by DC Comics on October 1983.

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    The Flash guest stars as the All-Star Squadron attempts to spoil Ultra's plans.

    At a manufacturing plant in Los Angeles, the Batman, and the Tarantula, vanish. Their opponents, the Fury, and Northwind, collapse into a comatose state. In their place, the Mist, and Vulcan, Son Of Fire appear. Robin, the Boy Wonder attacks the Mist. Vulcan, Son Of Fire, begins to destroy the plant. The Phantom Lady uses her Black Out Beam to blind the Mist, then lures him into a wind tunnel. One of the plant workers activates the tunnel. To keep from being drawn into the powerful fans, the Mist becomes solid, leaving himself vulnerable to the Phantom Lady's attack. Vulcan, Son Of Fire, confronts the Phantom Lady. Vulcan, Son Of Fire, destroys the wind tunnel, seemingly killing the Phantom Lady.

    Despite the best efforts of the police, the Mist, and Vulcan, Son Of Fire, escape. At a Naval shipyard in Brooklyn, Commander Steel, and Liberty Belle, vanish. Their opponents, Nuklon, and the Silver Scarab, collapse into a comatose state. In their place, the Brain Wave, and the Psycho Pirate, appear. Distracted by the Newsboy Legion, the Guardian leaves himself open to an attack from the Brain Wave. To cover their escape, the Psycho Pirate emits blind terror at the Newsboy Legion, and the shipyard workers, who all flee, fearing for their lives. At a manufacturing plant in Detroit, the Atom, and the Green Lantern, vanish. Their opponents, Jade, and Obsidian, collapse into a comatose state. In their place, the Monocle, and the Rag Doll, appear.

    The Amazing Man joins the villains in destroying the plant. Television News Cameraman, Tubby Watts, visits his friend, reporter Johnny Chambers, in the hospital. Watts brings Chambers his spare costume. Chambers dons his uniform, then speaks the formula that activates his powers, as Johnny Quick. Brain Wave, Junior confronts Johnny Quick, and Watts. Brain Wave, Junior reveals his knowledge of Johnny Quick's secret identity. Declaring that he has come from the future, Brain Wave, Junior asks to meet with the All-Star Squadron. Johnny Quick carries Brain Wave, Junior to the Perisphere, where the All-Star Squadron has assembled. The Guardian is immediately suspicious of Brain Wave, Junior, based on his resemblance to the Brain Wave.

    The Phantom Lady reveals that she has made adjustments to her technology that allows her to become invisible. The Flash reveals the comatose bodies of Infinity, Incorporated, wired into the Brain Wave's Brain Drain machine. Brain Wave, Junior identifies the members, but chooses carefully how much information, regarding the future, he wishes to reveal. Brain Wave, Junior tells his tale. More than 40 years in the future, the Ultra-Humanite, leading the Secret Society of Super-Villains, will be defeated by the Justice Society of America, and the Justice League of America. The Secret Society of Super-Villains will be exiled to the inter-dimensional space between Earth-1, and Earth-2. There, they will encounter Vulcan, Son Of Fire.

    After his defeat at the hands of the Justice Society of America, Vulcan, Son Of Fire, was hurled into inter-dimensional space by an explosion. The Brain Wave, adding his psychic powers to the Ultra-Humanite's, allows the Ultra-Humanite of 1982 to communicate with the Ultra-Humanite of 1942. The two Ultra-Humanites work out a plan to enable the Secret Society of Super-Villains to escape from inter-dimensional space. Their combined psychic powers, along with the Brain Wave's allows them to compel Infinity, Incorporated to travel to Mount St. Helens, in Washington. There, Infinity, Incorporated enter a time capsule, that draws them back to 1942. The Ultra-Humanite overwrites the minds of Infinity, Incorporated, turning them into his minions.

    The energy expended for the Secret Society of Super-Villains to exchange places with the six members of the All-Star Squadron, also shunts the Ultra-Humanite, of 1982, out of inter-dimensional space. The only difference is that Secret Society of Super-Villains end up in the past, while the Ultra-Humanite escapes back into the present. The All-Star Squadron agree to work with Brain Wave, Junior. As the All-Star Squadron departs the Persphere, to deal with the Ultra-Humanite of their era, Infinity, Incorporated regain consciousness. Infinity, Incorporated also intend to confront the Ultra-Humanite. Unbeknownst to either the All-Star Squadron, or Infinity, Incorporated, the Ultra-Humanite knows they're coming, and he's ready for them.


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