All-Star Squadron #24

    All-Star Squadron » All-Star Squadron #24 - The Man Who'll Know Too Much! released by DC Comics on August 1983.

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    Batman and Robin learn of the treachery afoot and come to assist Green Lantern and the team.

    The Batman surveils the private laboratory of the late Doctor Robert Crane. Through infra-red lenses, the Batman sees Robin, the Boy Wonder, laying unconscious on the floor. The Batman breaks into Crane's laboratory, to render aid to Robin, the Boy Wonder. Barely conscious, Robin, the Boy Wonder, warns the Batman of the Creepy Crawlies trying to ambush him. The Batman subdues, and binds, the Creepy Crawlies. The Batman, and Robin, the Boy Wonder, head to the Perisphere, responding to a challenge issued to the All-Star Squadron. En route, Robin, the Boy Wonder tells his tale.

    Robin, the Boy Wonder, came to Crane's laboratory to visit with his cousin, Doctor Charles Grayson. Robin, the Boy Wonder, revealed his secret identity, that of Richard Grayson, and their familial connection. A tunneling vehicle burrowed up into the laboratory, heralding the arrival of the Creepy Crawlies. Despite his best efforts, Robin, the Boy Wonder, was unable to stop the Creepy Crawlies from abducting Grayson. During the scuffle, a piece of laboratory equipment exploded, rendering Robin, the Boy Wonder unconscious.

    Robin, the Boy Wonder, is desperate to rescue Grayson, but the Batman advises making contact with the All-Star Squadron first. Unbeknownst to the Caped Crusaders, the Firebrand, Robotman, and Superman have also been abducted, by Cyclotron, Deathbolt, and the Ultra-Humanite. The Ultra-Humanite continues to rebuff Deathbolt's loathsome advances. The Creepy Crawlies deliver Grayson to the Ultra-Humanite. Grayson is tasked with transferring the Ultra-Humanite's brain from the body of Delores Winters, an actress, into the body of Robotman.

    The Firebrand appeals to Cyclotron's common decency. Cyclotron, however, dare not raise arms against the Ultra-Humanite. The Ultra-Humanite enacts the next stage of his plan, targeting the Normandie for destruction. Newsman, Johnny Chambers, and his cameraman, Tubby Watts, cover a celebrity-heavy benefit for the war effort. Watts gets film of the stand-up routine of Bud Abbot, and Lou Costello, as well as some shots of Clark Gable. An explosion prompts Chambers to investigate, as Johnny Quick. Johnny Quick discovers the Normandie on fire, and badly listing in the harbor.

    Johnny Quick evacuates the Normandie. A second explosion catches Johnny Quick, leaving him badly injured. The Normandie begins to sink. The Green Lantern, and Liberty Belle, respond to the emergency. The Green Lantern prevents a doctor from unmasking Johnny Quick. Liberty Belle tends to Johnny Quick. The Green Lantern fully submerges the Normandie in the harbor, extinguishing the fire. The Green Lantern brings the Normandie back to the surface, so that repairs can be made. The Ultra-Humanite takes credit for the attack on the Normandie.

    The Ultra-Humanite demands one-hundred million dollars, or else he will cripple America's war effort. The Green Lantern takes Johnny Quick to the hospital. Commander Steel sulks, alone, in the Perisphere. Commander Steel becomes aware that he is not alone. The Tarantula, in a new costume, confronts Commander Steel. The Tarantula had returned home, for some much needed rest and relaxation. There, he discovered the Brain Wave menacing his housekeeper, Olga. The Tarantula attacked the Brain Wave. The Brain Wave revealed that he knew everything about the Tarantula, including his secret identity.

    A brief fight ensued. Realizing that he was acting like an idiot, the Brain Wave stopped the fight, revealing that he was actually the son of the All-Star Squadron's nemesis. Brain Wave, Junior also declared that he had come back from the future, to warn the All-Star Squadron about the Ultra-Humanite. The Tarantula was willing to hear Brain Wave, Junior out, when Olga knocked Brain Wave, Junior unconscious. Leaving a note for Brain Wave, Junior to read, upon regaining consciousness, the Tarantula donned a new costume, sewn by Olga, and left to report to the All-Star Squadron.

    Doctor Fate drops the Atom, and Amazing Man off, outside the Perisphere. Before they can request his aid, Doctor Fate flies off, in search of the Spectre. The Batman, and Robin, the Boy Wonder, arrive at the Perisphere. As do the Green Lantern, and Liberty Belle. Left unattended, the Amazing Man regains consciousness, and breaks free of his bonds. The Amazing Man confronts the All-Star Squadron. The Ultra-Humanite is expecting the imminent arrival of re-enforcements. A special team of shock troops that the Ultra-Humanite can't wait to unleash on the Justice Society of America.


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