All-Star Squadron #23

    All-Star Squadron » All-Star Squadron #23 - When Fate Thy Measure Takes...! released by DC Comics on July 1983.

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    With Superman captured, Doctor Fate must step up and rescue his friends.

    Commander Steel, the Green Lantern, Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle return to the Perisphere. Johnny Quick worries over the structural integrity of the Green Lantern's power bubble, as the Emerald Crusader is on the verge of exhaustion. The Green Lantern's will holds, until all are safely back on solid ground. The Green Lantern worries over the abduction of the Firebrand, Robotman and Superman, at the hands of Cyclotron, Deathbolt and the Ultra-Humanite. As chairman of the All-Star Squadron, Liberty Belle blames herself. Johnny Quick attempts to comfort Liberty Belle, but his advances are rebuffed. Hurt, Johnny Quick storms out of the Perisphere.

    The Green Lantern must depart, before his civilian identity, that of Alan Scott, is declared absent without leave. Liberty Belle also departs, to return to her civilian identity, that of radio announcer Libby Lawrence, to use her media contacts to garner information about the Ultra-Humanite. Frustrated at his lack of purpose, Commander Steel, alone, lashes out, then collapses in a pool of self-pity. The Atom, Doctor Fate and the Hawkman, are en route to rendezvous with the Justice Society of America, in Washington D.C. Distracted, they nearly collide with a passenger plane.

    The pilot manages to avoid the trio of heroes, but the plane goes into a spin that the pilot can't recover from. Doctor Fate rights the passenger plane. The Hawkman breaks off for Washington D. C. The Atom and Doctor Fate, continue on to the Tower of Fate, in Salem, Massachusetts. Doctor Fate recounts his origin. His father, Sven Nelson, had fallen victim to an ancient poison gas booby trap, during an archeological expedition. Nelson had awakened Nabu from his millennia of slumber. Nabu took Nelson's son, Kent, under his wing, and trained him in the mystic arts.

    At the end of his teachings, Nabu bestowed upon Kent Nelson three artifacts of great mystic power, a cloak, an amulet and a helmet. Thus did Kent Nelson become Doctor Fate. As time wore on, Nelson began to realize that the Helmet of Nabu was beginning to take greater control of him. With the help of Nelson's wife, Inza, Nelson removed the Helmet of Nabu, and swore to never wear it again. Crafting a smaller helmet of his own design, Nelson continued adventuring as Doctor Fate, though his powers were greatly diminished.

    Upon Entering the Tower of Fate, the Atom and Doctor Fate, discover Inza, unconscious and injured, laying on the floor. The Atom and Doctor Fate, confront Inza's attacker, the Amazing Man. The Amazing Man, holding the Helmet of Nabu, demands to be released from the Tower of Fate, else he tear it down around them. The Atom attacks the Amazing Man. Astonishingly, the Amazing Man takes on the physical property of the tower's stones. The Atom is stunned on impact with the Amazing Man. Doctor Fate evades the Amazing Man's first lunge, but not his second attack.

    The Amazing Man reaches out to a golden shield, and transforms from stone to gold. The Atom attacks again, only to be beat down by the Amazing Man. Doctor Fate tackles the Amazing Man. Reaching out to touch a broken chair, the Amazing Man transforms from gold to wood. The Amazing Man beats down Doctor Fate. As the Amazing Man reaches down to take on the physical and mystical properties of the Helmet of Nabu, the Atom grabs the Amazing Man's hand. The Amazing Man becomes a normal human being again. The Atom knocks the Amazing Man unconscious.

    The Atom recognizes the Amazing Man as an Olympic gold medalist, Will Everett. Doctor Fate places the Amazing Man's hand on the Crystal Orb of Nabu. The Amazing Man tells his origin. Everett grew up poor. His parents sacrificed everything for Everett, so that he could remain in school, and train for the Olympics. To Hitler's chagrin, Everett and Jessie Owens, proved that Germany's Aryan stock were not superior to the American Negro. Everett found that an Olympic gold medal didn't take him far in the real world. Everett took a janitorial position for a physicist, Terrence Curtis.

    One night, a group of hoods broke into Curtis' laboratory, looking to garner some equipment. When Everett stood up to the hoods, he was beaten unconscious. Everett regained consciousness, in the underground lair of the Ultra-Humanite. Everett underwent an experimental process that, ultimately, gave him the power to adopt the physical properties of anything he touched. After demonstrating his power on the very criminals who had beaten him, Everett accepted a position with the Ultra-Humanite. Everett, as the Amazing Man, was tasked with stealing the Helmet of Nabu.

    Though his power allowed him to enter the Tower of Fate, where he encountered and subdued Inza, he was incapable of leaving the Tower of Fate, with the Helmet of Nabu.The Amazing Man's hand is removed from the Crystal Orb of Nabu, returning him to an unconscious state. In order to find the Spectre, Kent Nelson, to Inza's horror, dons the Helmet of Nabu. Even the Atom can tell that a change has come over Doctor Fate, and that he is no longer truly Nelson. Doctor Fate departs the Tower of Fate, with the Amazing Man and the Atom. Inza is terrified that she will never see her husband again.


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