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A powerful stone falls into the wrong hands. It's up to the All-Star Squadron to save the day!

Superman leaps into the air. Superman lands at the 1939 New York World's Fair Grounds, where he is met by the All-Star Squadron. Superman shows concern for the Green Lantern, who is being tended to by Doctor Mid-Nite, and Wonder Woman. Liberty Belle asks about the Power Stone Superman is carrying. Superman recounts his latest conflict with his arch-nemesis, Lex Luthor. The Atom questions why Wonder Woman and Superman are not involved romantically, a query picked up by Superman's super-hearing. Superman questions the presence of the Justice Society of America, who he believed to have enlisted in the armed forces.

Liberty Belle recounts their conflict with the Brain Wave. The Hawkman reveals that the War Department has asked that the Justice Society of America be reformed into the Justice Battalion of America. The team unanimously agrees. After taking the meeting in Washington D.C, the Justice Battalion of America's first order of business will be to locate their one absent member, the Spectre. Johnny Thunder nominates Wonder Woman to the position of secretary within their ranks. Wonder Woman accepts. Talk of returning to their headquarters reminds the Tarantula that it was largely destroyed by the Villain From Valhalla.

The Hawkman takes an interest in the weapon the Villain From Valhalla wielded. Doctor Mid-Nite declares that the Green Lantern is physically fine, though he cannot speak to the toll the emotional trauma has taken on the Emerald Gladiator. Johnny Thunder summons his Thunderbolt, to carry Doctor Mid-Nite, the Sandman, the Starman, Wonder Woman, and himself to Washington D.C. Superman congratulates Robotman on being declared human in the eyes of the law. Liberty Belle proposes making the Perisphere the permanent headquarters of the All-Star Squadron. Superman invites Liberty Belle back to his Secret Citadel. The Green Lantern asks if he can tag along.

Johnny Thunder, and the Tarantula, look on in jealousy, as Superman departs with Liberty Belle. Commander Steel, and Robotman, decide to convert Elektro, the Robot into the All-Star Squadron's butler. The Atom, Doctor Fate, the Firebrand, and the Hawkman return to the Justice Society of America's New York headquarters, to find it ablaze. The Hawkman rescues two children, trapped on an upper floor. Doctor Fate levels the burning building. The Firebrand absorbs the flames, learning that she can fly in the process. The Firebrand speaks with Mayor Laguardia, and the New York City Police Deaprtment. The Justice Society of America search the ruins for the Villain From Valhalla's Hammer Of Thor.

The moment the Atom lays hands on the hammer, he is attacked by Cyclotron, and his "Creepy Crawlies". The Atom's life is offered in exchange for the Hammer of Thor. The Hawkman agrees to Cyclotron's terms. Cyclotron hurls the Atom into the Hawkman. Doctor Fate tackles Cyclotron. Doctor Fate feels his strength being drained. Cyclotron punches Doctor Fate away from him. The Atom, and the Hawkman, battle the Creepy Crawlies. Firebrand drives the Creepy Crawlies away from Doctor Fate. Taking off his right glove, Cyclotron begins emitting bursts of atomic energy. Cyclotron brings a wall down on Laguardia. A police officer dives at, and pushes, Laguardia out of harm's way.

Simultaneously, Doctor Fate flies over the officer, attempting to shield him from the falling structure. Doctor Fate emerges from the rubble. The officer has been killed. Cyclotron shows remorse for his actions. Doctor Fate protects his teammates from Cyclotron's atomic bursts. Cyclotron fells Doctor Fate. The Creepy Crawlies run interference, allowing Cyclotron to escape with the Hammer of Thor. The Atom, Doctor Fate, and the Hawkman head to Washington D.C., to rendezvous with the rest of the Justice Society of America. The Firebrand continues the investigation, in New York. The Green Lantern, Liberty Belle, and Superman arrive at the Secret Citadel.

Superman notices how distracted the Green Lanrtern seems, but Liberty Belle doesn't want to discuss their experience with the Brain Wave. Superman shows his guests around. An earthquake heralds the arrival of the Creepy Crawlies, led this time by Deathbolt. Liberty Belle reaches for the Power Stone, but Deathbolt projects an electric force field around it. Deathbolt's electric force field proves nearly strong enough to resist the combined power of the Green Lantern, and Superman. Liberty Belle makes another grab for the Power Stone, only to have it stolen from her grasp by a mysterious woman.

Deathbolt stuns Liberty Belle, before turning his full power on the Green Lantern, and Superman. The Man of Steel recognizes the mysterious woman as his old enemy, the Ultra-Humanite. Superman declares that the Ultra-Humanite must be stopped, before she can fully bathe in the energy of the Power Stone, and becomes nigh-invincible.


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