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Slattery, wanting him destroyed, takes Robotman to court.

Wonder Woman drops the All-Star Squadron off at Robotman's laboratory. Robotman enters his laboratory to find Doctor Charles Grayson and Joan Carter, waiting inside. The New York Police Department, at the behest of crooked attorney, Sam Slattery, surround the laboratory. Robotman is asked to surrender peacefully. Robotman is about to comply when Johnny Quick disarms, and assaults, the police officers. The Firebrand follows suit, melting the police officers' weapons. Liberty Belle orders the Firebrand and Johnny Quick to stand down. Robotman is arrested, and bound in heavy chains. Robotman requests that Grayson's attorney, Jefferson Smith, represent Robotman in court.

The All-Star Squadron look on, helplessly, as Robotman is taken away. Johnny Quick has it out with Liberty Belle, before storming off. The next day, the newspaper headlines question whether Robotman is truly a man, or nothing more than a mechanical monster. Public opinion on the matter is decidedly divided. Slattery pays a man to lie on the witness stand, to smear Robotman's reputation. Slattery hopes to get Robotman declared property, so that Slattery can take possession of Robotman, and begin mass producing him for profit. In jail, Robotman dons his civilian disguise, that of "Paul Dennis", and escapes.

"Dennis" meets with Grayson, Smith, and the All-Star Squadron to go over his case. Robotman destroys a desk, in his fervor to be acknowledged as human. Liberty Belle, as newscaster Libby Lawrence, goes on the air to sway the public sentiment towards Robotman. Johnny Quick, as newsman Johnny Chambers, has a drink with his cameraman, Tubby Watts. A drunken patron assaults Watts. Chambers, as Johnny Quick, returns the favor. Johnny Quick declares that he will take action if the verdict goes against Robotman. In chains, Robotman is ushered into the courthouse. An onlooker in the crowd throws a rotten tomato at Robotman. Carter cleans Robotman.

Commander Steel, the Firebrand, and Liberty Belle speak out on Robotman's behalf. The defense produces affidavits signed by the likes of the Hawkman, Superman and Wonder Woman, attesting to Robotman's humanity. The prosecution gets the affidavits thrown out, on the grounds that they have been signed by persons whose true identities are unknown. By twisting Carter's words on the witness stand, the prosecution draws a link between Robotman, and the murder of Doctor Robert Crane. The defense calls Grayson to the stand. Grayson reveals Robotman's origin. Armed hooligans had broken into Crane's laboratory, looking to steal his latest invention, Robotman.

Crane was gunned down. Grayson transferred Crane's brain into Robotman's body. Grayson was arrested for Crane's murder. Crane, upon realizing that he had become the Robotman went berserk, destroying much of the laboratory. Learning that Grayson had been arrested for his murder, Crane, as Robotman, brought the true criminals to justice. Crane thought it best to keep his identity a secret, so as not to cause undue mental stress to his fiance, Carter. At the revelation of Robotman's true identity, Carter embraces Robotman. The court allows Robotman to plead on his own behalf. Chambers exits the courtroom. Suddenly, the courthouse roof begins to collapse.

Before he can take action, Commander Steel is felled by debris. Robotman shatters his chains, and keeps the courtroom from caving in, long enough for the All-Star Squadron to get everyone to safety. Slattery suffers a heart attack. Robotman rushes Slattery to the hospital. The court rules in favor of Robotman's humanity. Outside the courthouse, the crowds cheer Robotman. Chambers, as Johnny Quick, is revealed to have prevented Commander Steel from taking action, so that Robotman could be the hero of the day. The Brain Wave approaches the All-Star Squadron, only to be dismissed. A mistake that will prove costly not only to the All-Star Squadron, but the Justice Society of America, as well.


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