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Defeated by Nuclear, Wonder Woman goes to the All-Star Squadron for help in battling him and rescuing Steve Trevor, who Nuclear has captured.

After surviving an attack from Nuclear, the Magnetic Marauder, the All-Star Squadron head for the headquarters of the Justice Society of America. There, they find a severely injured Wonder Woman. The All-Star Squadron work to revive Wonder Woman. Upon regaining consciousness, Wonder Woman reveals that she, too, battled Nuclear, the Magnetic Marauder. Suffering from battle-fatigue, and desperate to rescue the love of her life, Captain Steve Trevor. Wonder Woman attacks the All-Star Squadron. Wonder Woman stands down after Commander Steel blocks her escape path. The patriotic colors of Commander Steel's uniform jar Wonder Woman out of her fugue state.

Wonder Woman tells her tale. After participating in another adventure, with a different contingent of the All-Star Squadron, Wonder Woman, as Diana Prince, boarded a destroyer, bound for the Pacific. From a cliffside, Nuclear, the Magnetic Marauder, locked onto the destroyer, with his magnetic powers, and drew it towards the rocks. Prince, as Wonder Woman, boarded her invisible plane to avert the catastrophe. Wonder Woman lassoed the prow, and pulled the destroyer away from the cliffs. The wrenching of the destroyer hurled Trevor into the ocean. Wonder Woman dove into the ocean to rescue Trevor. Drawing his gun, Trevor tried to fire on Nuclear, the Magnetic Marauder.

Trevor's gun was magnetically yanked from his grasp, moments before he, himself, was dashed against the rocks. Wonder Woman struggled to resist the powerful magnetic pull of Nuclear, the Magnetic Marauder. When her bracelets became locked together, Nuclear, the Magnetic Marauder, used them to smash her, again and again, against the rocks, until she lost consciousness. Upon regaining consciousness, Wonder Woman, made sure the destroyer was safely on it's way, before traveling to New York, to seek aid from the Justice Society of America. Robotman surmises that Nuclear, the Magnetic Marauder, must have a base of operations near the site of his attack on the destroyer.

Airman, Carter Hall, is promoted to the Coast Command. The All-Star Squadron's investigation leads them to a lonely mansion, on an isolated cliffside.The All-Star Squadron meet with Percy Playboy, and his sister, Joye. Playboy feigns no knowledge regarding the attack on the destroyer. Robotman scales the cliffside, following a magnetic trail. Robotman loses his grip, literally stumbling into the hidden lair of Nuclear, the Magnetic Marauder. Robotman frees Trevor form his bonds. Nuclear, the Magnetic Marauder attacks. Robotman finds himself pinned, magnetically, to a powerful generator. Trevor is knocked unconscious by flying shrapnel.

The All-Star Squadron storm the hidden lair of Nuclear, the Magnetic Marauder. Commander Steel, and Wonder Woman, are pinned, magnetically, to another generator. Nuclear, the Magnetic Marauder, magnetically wrenches Robotman's right arm off, and uses it to beat Johnny Quick, and Liberty Belle, into unconsciousness. Nuclear, the Magnetic Marauder, tears up the laboratory floor, revealing a crucible. The Firebrand tricks Nuclear, the Magnetic Marauder, into throwing her into the crucible first. The Firebrand absorbs the flames, and uses them to melt the generators holding Commander Steel, Robotman, and Wonder Woman. The three heroes finish destroying the generators.

Trevor shoots Nuclear, the Magnetic Marauder, toppling the villain into the crucible. Wonder Woman casts her magic lasso, again and again, into the crucible to no avail. The All-Star Squadron allow Joye to believe that her brother was murdered by Nuclear, the Magnetic Marauder, rather than reveal that Playboy was a villain.


  • This issue was barely visible in the 1984 movie Gremlins. When water was accidentally spilled on Gizmo.

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