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As the JLA/JSA/All-Star Squadron teams defeat the Crime Syndicate on both Earth Prime in 1962, and Earth-2 in 1942, thereby preventing the stolen nuclear missiles from going off on both worlds, Per Degaton still as one more trick up his sleeve-use the last hidden stolen nuclear missile and detonate it in 1942, thereby forcing Earth-2's leaders to surrender to him.

Master of Worlds & Time!

Per Degaton observes, and eavesdrops on, the All-Star Squadron, the Justice League of America, and the Justice Society of America. The three teams discuss the current crisis. Due to Per Degaton's machinations, the Justice League of America were drawn into conflict with the Crime Syndicate of America. Meanwhile, the Justice Society of America were drawn to Earth-Prime, which had been devastated by nuclear war. At Per Degaton's behest, the Crime Syndicate of America had stolen all the Russian nuclear missiles, brought to Cuba, in 1962.

This act changed the historical outcome of the Cuban Missile Crisis, resulting in the destruction of Earth-Prime. Doctor Fate, the Green Lantern and the Starman, combined their powers to travel from Earth-Prime, to Earth-2. The Justice Society of America arrived on Earth-2, in 1942, at the edge of a nuclear explosion, detonated by Per Degaton, as a demonstration of his power. The All-Star Squadron, the Justice League of America, and the Justice Society of America brief the President of the United States of America, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, on the crisis.

Per Degaton issues his ultimatum to the leaders of the United States of America, Great Britain, Germany, Japan and the Soviet Union. In five hours, Per Degaton will launch the stolen nuclear missiles on their countries, unless they cede all governing power to Per Degaton. Roosevelt declares that he will have no choice but to accede to Per Degaton's demands, if the three teams of heroes fail to recover the nuclear missiles before the deadline. Doctor Fate, Robotman and Superman fly into orbit, to destroy Per Degaton's spy satellite. Superman is accidentally exposed to Kryptonite.

Ultraman confronts Doctor Fate, and Robotman. Ultraman exposes himself to the Kryptonite, super-charging his powers. Ultraman subdues Doctor Fate. Ultraman tears off Robotman's right arm. Robotman leaps from Per Degaton's spy satellite, allowing Earth's gravity to drag him towards Superman. Robotman manages to push Superman out of orbit, and away from the Kryptonite. Superman mercilessly beats Ultraman. Doctor Fate casts a mystic shield, around the Earth, to prevent Ultraman from returning. Superman retrieves Robotman, before Robotman can burn up on re-entry into Earth's atmosphere.

Aquaman, Liberty Belle, and the Starman, track the nuclear missiles to a pacific Island. Aquaman chooses to approach from the sea. Liberty Belle and the Starman, find that the Japanese military, stationed on the island, have been subdued. Liberty Belle, and the Starman, sneak into Per Degarton's hidden compound. Discovered by Per Degaton's forces, Liberty Belle, and the Starman, fight for their lives. Superwoman attacks Liberty Belle, and the Starman. Superwoman steals the Starman's Cosmic Rod. Suddenly, the base is flooded by the Pacific Ocean, heralding the arrival of Aquaman, riding on the back of a Blue Whale.

Superwoman is subdued, and bound with her own magic lasso. Per Degaton's base is destroyed. The Hawkman, the Huntress and Johnny Quick scour the midwestern United States of America, in search of the stolen nuclear missiles. The three heroes realize that the missile launchers have been disguised as grain silos. Before they can reach the silos, the Hawkman and Johnny Quick, are attacked by Power Ring. The Huntress subdues Power Ring, but not before he launches one of the nuclear missiles. With the Hawkman's aid, Johnny Quick dismantles the nuclear missile. Despite three setbacks, Per Degaton still has faith in his ultimate triumph.

Fate is the Killer

This story was published in the majority of DC's November, 1982 titles. A plot summary for this story can be found at DC Comics Presents #51.


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