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Per Degaton has once again regained his memories in 1947, and decides this time he will not fail to conquer Earth-2 in the past by going to 1942 this time (having been defeated on Dec. 7, 1941 last time by the All-Stars and JSA). His plan: use the Crime Syndicate to steal nuclear weapons from Earth Prime circa 1962 from Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis (which in turn caused that world to have a nuclear war) to use for his purposes. Meanwhile, the All-Stars meet up with the JLA and JSA and learn of Earth Prime's fate in 1962 from them, and pledge to help out.

Before initiating a fight to the death, the All-Star Squadron salutes Per Degaton. The "games" begin. Doctor Mid-Nite pits his blackout bombs against the Phantom Lady's Black Light Ray. Johnny Quick races the Flash. The Hawkman matches weapons with the Shining Knight. Wonder Woman battles against Robotman. Liberty Belle fights the Atom. The Green Lantern is locked in combat with Plastic Man. Suddenly, Doctor Zee stumbles into the arena, and reminds the heroes that Per Degaton is the true enemy. The All-Star Squadron attacks Per Degaton's security forces. Per Degaton awakes from his dream-turned-nightmare.

Per Degaton awakes with the knowledge that he has used Zee's time machine to conquer the world, on two separate occasions. The first time, Per Degaton's scheme was thwarted by the Justice Society of America. The second time, Per Degaton's scheme was thwarted by the All-Star Squadron. At the moment of defeat, Per Degaton would be returned to his proper era, with no memory of his forays into the past. For the third time, Per Degaton murders Zee, and steals Zee's time machine. Per Degaton journeys from 1947 to 1982. In route, Per Degaton feels a slight pull on Zee's time machine. Upon his arrival, Per Degaton purchases a newspaper to get a sense of the era.

Per Degaton is astonished to see no mention of any super-heroes in the newspaper. Per Degaton assaults the newspaper vendor, demanding to know where the likes of the Hawkman, Superman and Wonder Woman can be found. The newspaper vendor points to the rows of comic books. Per Degaton flees back to Zee's time machine. Per Degaton realizes that he had accidentally traveled to a parallel world, Earth-Prime, in which no super-heroes existed. Per Degaton is caught in a time storm, that draws Zee's time machine into the space between parallel universes. There, Per Degaton encounters the prison sphere of the Crime Syndicate of America.

Per Degaton confronts the Crime Syndicate of America, who immediately attack him. Slightly out of phase with time, Per Degaton is immune to their attacks. The Crime Syndicate of America reveal that they hail from yet another parallel world, Earth-3. After a failed assault on both the Justice League of America, and the Justice Society of America, the Crime Syndicate of America were imprisoned in the limbo between worlds. Per Degaton offers to return the Crime Syndicate of America to Earth-3, if they will carry out a task for him. Per Degaton returns to Earth-Prime, in the year 1962. Per Degaton lectures the Crime Syndicate of America on the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Per Degaton tasks the Crime Syndicate of America with stealing all the Russian nuclear missiles on Cuba. The Crime Syndicate of America easily accomplish this task. With the Russians unable to remove the missiles the United States of America know are on Cuba, Earth-Prime is pushed to the brink of nuclear war. A state Per Degaton cares nothing at all about. The Crime Syndicate of America jump Per Degaton, only to find themselves shunted forward in time, to another parallel world, Earth-1. The Firebrand, Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle return to New York City. There, they are immediately attacked by Nuclear, the Magnetic Marauder.

Commander Steel and Robotman join their teammates. Johnny Quick attacks Nuclear, the Magnetic Marauder. Unaware that Commander Steel is susceptible to his magnetic powers, Nuclear, the Magnetic Marauder, accidentally draws Commander Steel towards him, as well as Robotman. All three men are carried over the side of the building rooftop they were fighting on. Nuclear, the Magnetic Marauder, slows his fall by using his magnetic powers to draw him to another building. Commander Steel and Robotman, catch themselves on a particularly sturdy flagpole. Nuclear, the Magnetic Marauder, escapes.

The All-Star Squadron head to the Justice Society of America's headquarters, where the All-Star Squadron will take up residency. Inside, the All-Star Squadron are confronted by the Justice League of America.


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