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The Firebrand asks the Hawkman to divulge withheld information. The Hawkman recounts his origin. In the winter of 1940, Carter Hall received an ancient sacrificial blade. The blade began to glow, causing Hall to lose consciousness. Hall dreamt of Khufu, an Egyptian warrior-prince. In the dream, Khufu was subdued by agents of Hath-Set, a follower of Anubis. For refusing to divulge mystic secrets, Hath-Set murdered Khufu, along with Khufu's beloved Shiera. Upon regaining consciousness, Hall went for a walk, to clear his head. Hall encountered panicked passengers fleeing a subway tunnel. Investigating, Hall ran into a woman who greatly resembled Khufu's love, Shiera.

In the subway tunnels, Hall found that millions of volts of electricity were being channeled through the rails, resulting in the incineration of several passengers. Shiera revealed that she had experienced the same dream as Hall. In his laboratory, Hall, guided by some unseen hand, first took on the mantle of the Hawkman. Hall realized that the dream was, in truth, memory of a past life. Hall was the reincarnation of Khufu. The Hawkman followed a powerful electro-magnetic signal to the estate of Doctor Anton Hastor, a leading expert on electricity. Hastor was the reincarnation of Hath-Set. The Hawkman confronted Hastor.

The Hawkman destroyed Hastor's doomsday machines, but Hastor, himself, escaped. Hastor abducted Shiera, and planned to sacrifice her, once more, on the Altar of Anubis. After rescuing Shiera, the Hawkman killed Hastor. Or so he thought. Recent events have caused the Hawkman to reconsider Hastor's ultimate fate. The All-Star Squadron arrive at a heavily fortified military base, to meet with the President of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Great Britain's Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. Roosevelt, and Churchill, have decided not to ally with the Axis powers against the extra-terrestrial threat of Akhet, and the Binary Brotherhood.

Hastor confronts the Atom, and the Hawkgirl. The Atom attacks Hastor, but is kept at bay by a psychic forcefield. While Hastor is distracted defending himself against the Atom, the Hawkgirl tries to release Commander Steel from Hastor's captivity. Hastor forcefully repels the Atom, slamming the Mighty MIte into the Hawkgirl. Hastor reveals his scheme. In 1929, Hastor had been approached by Elwood P. Napier, to join a brain trust. Napier had perfected a mathematical formula for predicting future events. Hastor refused Napier's offer, believing the man to be a fraud. All of Napier's predictions for the coming decade, however, proved true.

After surviving his encounter with the Hawkman, Hastor sought out Napier. Hastor followed a powerful electro-magnetic signature to a hidden valley, on Napier's sprawling estate. Hastor was welcomed by Napier, and welcomed into the brain trust. Napier had assembled the most brilliant scientific minds, from around the world, and put them to work building an incredible airship. Napier revealed his dream of a world at peace. To end World War II, Napier would give the nations of the world a common, "alien", enemy to unite against. Napier's Flying Eye, as well as it's weapons and "alien"pilot, would be powered by technology designed to fuse all of the scientist's minds into a vast collective unconsciousness.

Hastor was astounded. Hastor went along with Napier's plans, but secretly sabotaged the Flying Eye, to place it's systems under his control. Thus, on it's maiden voyage, the Flying Eye was under Hastor's command. Despite Hastor's best efforts, one of the other scientists did manage to escape, but Hastor murdered the man, before he could warn the world. Hastor still plans to fulfill Napier's dream of uniting the world, it will just be united under Hastor's rule. Hastor attacks the military base. The Shining Knight guards Churchill, and Roosevelt, against harm. Hastor decimates the military forces in opposition against him.

The All-Star-Squadron approach the Flying Eye, in a hot air balloon. Hastor brings the All-Star Squadron aboard the Flying Eye. Hastor's force field holds the All-Star Squadron at bay. The Hawkman uses the sacrificial blade to summon the spirit of Khufu, to battle against the spirit of Hath-Set, on the astral plane. Hath-Set seems on the verge of slaying Khufu once more, when the Hawkgirl grasps the blade, releasing the spirit of Shiera. Khufu, and Shiera, defeat Hath-Set, rendering Hastor comatose. Without Hastor's mind controlling the Flying Eye, the airship begins to fall from the sky.

Liberty Belle gets through to Robotman, whose mind has been added to the collective unconsciousness powering the Flying Eye. Robotman takes command of the Flying Eye, landing it safely. The All-Star Squadron, along with the scientific brain trust, and the captive Hastor, emerge from the Flying Eye. The crisis is over.

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