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The Master Summoner, asleep for more than a millennium, awakens to challenge the JSA, with them not knowing the consequences of accepting the challenge.

Note: This issue was part of the so-called DC Implosion in 1978. The subsequent story and series continued in Adventure Comics #461.

Brought before the Master Summoner, Doctor Fate and the Golden Age Hawkman are informed that their world is facing a crisis point. Helena Wayne and Karen Starr are enjoying lunch when they receive an emergency signal from Doctor Fate. They respond, as the Huntress and Power Girl. The Justice Society of America gathers at their headquarters. Doctor Fate details the coming crisis. The team splits into two smaller groups to deal with the first trouble spots. The Golden Age Hawkman, Power Girl and The Golden Age Green Lantern travel to the Amur River, where they break up a conflict between the the United Soviet Socialist Republic and the People's Republic of China. The Golden Age Green Lantern administers aid to an injured soldier. Unseen by the trio as they depart, that same soldier suddenly begins to develop powers, clearly fueled by the Golden Age Green Lantern's power ring.

The Golden Age Flash, Power Girl, and Doctor Fate journey to Montreal. An International Women's Convention has come under siege by terrorists. While the Huntress engages the terrorists, the Golden Age Flash makes sure no one is harmed by gunfire. Doctor Fate commands a flock of predatory birds to dispatch the terrorists, while casting a mystic shield to protect the civilians. The terrorist's goal was to take a universal translation field device. The device is meant to allow any foreign language to be understood instantly, but as the trio depart, it instead makes all language unintelligible. The Master Summoner draws the Justice Society of America into it's world. Despite it's earlier warning, the Master Summoner actually wants the Earth to be destroyed, and thus imprisons the Justice Society of America. Doctor Fate uses the knowledge stored in Hawkman's ancestral memory to destroy the Master Summoner's cage.

Binding the Master Summoner, Doctor Fate returns the team to Earth. Back at their headquarters, the team watches on the monitors, as The Star-Spangled Kid, Hourman, the Sandman, the Golden Age Superman, the Golden Age Robin, Doctor Mid-Nite, the Golden Age Wonder Woman and Starman each respond to crisis points all across the globe. The team returns to the field to battle against the end of their world. For every crisis they resolve, though, a worse one follows. Realizing the truth behind the Master Summoner's plan, Doctor Fate orders the entire team to return to their headquarters. With the entire membership of the Justice Society of America assembled, minus the Golden Age Batman, Wildcat, Mister Terrific, and the Spectre, Doctor Fate informs them that their own powers are fueling the crisis. The only way to resolve it is to, literally, do nothing. Tense moments pass, as the team waits for the cosmic alignment to end. With the passing of the crisis point, the Master Summoner appears, threatening vengeance on Doctor Fate.


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