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The Injustice Society has captured Wildcat and Hourman. In the order the free their comrades, the Justice Society must take on the Injustice Society in battle!

The Justice Society of America return home to find the Injustice Society occupying their headquarters. A fight quickly breaks out. The Icicle freezes the Golden Age Hawkman in mid-flight. Though Power Girl is able to shatter the ice encasing him, she is felled by a bolt of lightning, courtesy of the Wizard. Brainwave grapples with the Golden Age Hawkman, while the Thinker immobilizes the Golden Age Flash, with the power of his thinking cap. Having had their fun, the villains depart. Leaving behind a hologram depicting the unconscious forms of Hourman and Wildcat, the Icicle dares the Justice Society of America to come rescue them. As the team recovers, they reflect back on the moments leading up to their defeat.

The Justice Society of America had just returned from an adventure in Camelot.With that crisis passed, the Golden Age Superman reminds the team of his earlier resignation, and departs. The Golden Age Flash was the first to enter the premises, only to be forcibly ejected seconds later. Thus began their confrontation with the injustice Society. The Golden Age Hawkman uses the computer to determine where the Injustice Society is holding Hourman and Wildcat. The Golden Age Hawkman splits the team into pairs of two, but the Star-Spangled Kid protests. Preferring to work with Power Girl, the Star-Spangled Kid grabs her and flies off. In the Tower of Fate, Inza Nelson pleads with her husband, Kent Nelson, not to take up the mantle of Doctor Fate again. Nelson's pleas fall on deaf ears, as once again, her husband dons the helmet of Fate. Doctor Fate joins the Golden Age Flash and the Golden Age Hawkman in Abu Dhabi.

There they confront the Thinker and the Icicle, for the life of Hourman. The Icicle freezes the Golden Age Flash in his tracks. The Golden Age Hawkman knocks the thinking cap off the Thinker's head, then beats him into unconsciousness. Meanwhile, Doctor Fate puts down the Icicle. Freeing Hourman from an infernal burning tower, the three heroes rush the Man of the Hour to a hospital, in Capetown, South Africa. There, Doctor Fate speaks briefly with the Golden Age Robin, their contact in that part of the world. In Gotham City, the Golden Age Green Lantern storms angrily through the remains of his company. At his side, fueling his anger and despair, is the Psycho Pirate. News of the Golden Age Green Lantern's rampage within the Gotham Broadcasting building reaches the desk of the police commissioner, Bruce Wayne. At that same moment, Wayne receives a telegram from the Golden Age Robin.

In Alaska, Power Girl and the Star-Spangled Kid confront Brainwave and the Wizard, for the life of Wildcat. Power Girl is quick to overpower the Wizard, who cries out to Brainwave for assistance. Operating a giant robotic exoskeleton, Brainwave stomps Power Girl into the ground. Power Girl counters by dismembering the suit, with the Star-Spangled Kid delivering the final blow. The Wizard animates the surrounding oil pipeline, entangling the heroes. Power Girl easily breaks free, snaps the Wizard's wand in twain, then flicks him unconscious. The Star-Spangled Kid frees, and revives, Wildcat. The Star-Spangled Kid notices a tap on the pipeline, diverting the oil down into an enormous hole. Still groggy, Wildcat nearly stumbles into the hole, being saved only by the quick reactions of his teammates. Power Girl decides that the matter should be investigated.


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