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Vandal Savage intends to steal Superman's power to reignite his lost immortality, as Green Lantern comes under the sway of an evil manipulator.

Working together, Power Girl and the Golden Age Superman escape from Vandal Savage's force field prison. Upon escaping, time seems to shift around them, moving them to a strange, futuristic world. While the Golden Age Superman destroys an attacking robot, a native of the alien world makes contact with Power Girl. Though seemingly a victim of Vandal Savage's tyranny, the man leads the two Kryptonians into another trap. Back in Camelot, the Golden Age Flash, having freed King Arthur, races into the time stream, to search for his missing teammates. Power Girl and the Golden Age Superman escape Vandal Savage's trap. A hologram of Vandal Savage's face fills the sky, providing cover for another attacking robot. Taking Power Girl by surprise, the robot blasts her into unconsciousness, then carries her to Vandal Savage.

The Golden Age Superman attempts to rescue her, but his powers fail him. As he drags himself to his feet, the Man of Steel takes notice of the twin green suns in the sky. Each star emitting Kryptonite radiation. Facing the hopelessness of his search, the Golden Age Flash returns to Camelot, in the hopes that his teammates will, instead, find him. In the present, the Golden Age Green Lantern watches as his company is foreclosed upon. A mysterious man lends an ear to the Golden Age Green Lantern's rant, while leading his rage, with sinister advice. In his weakened state, the Golden Age Superman is beat down by Vandal Savage's robots, then carried into an arena to face Vandal Savage himself. With Vandal Savage focusing all his concentration on beating the Man of Steel to death, his hold over Merlin fades. Merlin releases the Golden Age Hawkman from his prison cell. This action draws a robot sentry, which vaporizes Merlin.

Though deprived of his wings, the Golden Age Hawkman fights his way to freedom. Using his acrobatic acumen, coupled with the Nth metal in his belt, the Golden Age Hawkman makes his way down to the street. Putting as much distance as he can from the robot sentries, the Golden Age Hawkman makes his way to Vandal Savage's laboratory. Scaling the monolithic structure, the Golden Age Hawkman, upon reaching the roof, beats down the guards to gain entry. The Golden Age Hawkman finds and frees the Star-Spangled Kid, who repays the favor by creating new wings for the Golden Age Hawkman. Vandal Savage is about to deliver the final killing blow to the Golden Age Superman, when the Golden Age Hawkman enters the arena. With Vandal Savage thus distracted, the Star-Spangled Kid uses his cosmic converter belt to clad the Golden Age Superman in a protective uniform.

Shielded from the deadly kryptonite radiation, the Golden Age Superman re-engages Vandal Savage in combat. Still the immortal villain holds his own against the Man of Steel. The Star-Spangled Kid realizes that Vandal Savage is boosting his strength, by draining Power Girl's. Once the Star-Spangled Kid frees Power Girl, Vandal Savage quickly loses the battle. A veritable army of robots enter the arena on Vandal Savage's behalf. Their attack on the Golden Age Superman gives Vandal Savage the chance to flee. The Golden Age Superman brings the entire arena down on the robot army, then chases after Vandal Savage. Just as the Man of Steel is about to close in on Vandal Savage, a warp in space opens before the immortal villain. Two shadowy figures grab Vandal Savage and drag him in to the warp, just as it closes. Meanwhile, inside the headquarters of the Justice Society of America, Hourman, in thrall to the Icicle, blasts Wildcat into unconsciousness.


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Action Packed Sci Fi Thriller 0

I find it really cool in this issue that you get so many character appearances. Superman loses his powers and Power Girl gets captured. Wow, that is pretty powerful! And who saves the day? Not a character that normally would. Guess starring King Arthur, Merlin, Icicle, Green Later, Wildcat, and more! But it looks like we have to wait until next issue to see what Injustice Society has in store. Also there is an Aquaman short in this one, and the famous ads page of countless gadgets and BS magic s...

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