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After sustaining grievous injuries in their earlier battle, Dr. Fate lies in critical condition. The Justice Society race to save his life while the ancient sorcerer Zanadu appears and kidnaps Hawkman's wife!

Kent Nelson lies at death's door. The Justice Society of America are desperate to save Nelson's life. Doctor Charles McNider instructs the Star-Spangled Kid on using his cosmic rod to enervate Nelson's cells with solar energy. The treatment seems to stabilize Nelson's condition. An ankh appears on the medical monitors, which the team interprets as some kind of message from Nelson. The Golden Age Green Lantern relays the tale of how the wizard Nabu trained Nelson in the mystic arts. Training that led to Nelson taking on the mantle of Doctor Fate. The Golden Age Green Lantern opts to fly to Egypt, in the hopes of finding some solution that will save Nelson. The Golden Age Flash volunteers to go with him.

Acting on ill feelings, the Golden Age Hawkman returns to Gateway City, to check on his wife. In the private museum of Carter Hall, Doctor Arthur Kliburn searches for Hall's latest acquisition, an ancient Lemurian, Zanadu, preserved in a block of amber.Kliburn finds the amber pooled on the floor, moments before he is killed by Zanadu. Investigating Kliburn's screams, Shiera Sanders finds Zanadu standing over Kliburn's horribly burned body. Hurling a piece of priceless pottery at Zanadu, Sanders turns to run. Zanadu stops time, then teleports away with Sanders, leaving behind their glowing afterimage. At the hospital, the strain of waiting finds Power Girl bickering with Wildcat, while Hourman shakes his head in disgust at both of them.

Discovering Klyburn's body, as well as the afterimages of his wife and Zanadu, the Golden Age Hawkman activates his signal device, summoning the Justice Society of America to him. With the day's business completed, Daily Star editor, Clark Kent, decides to answer the summons, as the Golden Age Superman. At a bazaar in Egypt, a mysterious robed man barters for an elixir that will allow him to travel through time. The seller offers to trade the elixir for the man's horse. Refusing to part with his horse, the man opts on another course of action.The Golden Age Superman, the Golden Age Hawkman, Wildcat, Power Girl, and Hour Man gather at Justice Society of America Headquarters.

Leaving Hourman behind to guard their headquarters, the rest of the team head for Japan to confront Zanadu, and rescue Sanders. Zanadu drains away the life essence of the populace of Japan, leaving them paralyzed and laying prone in the streets. While Wildcat and the Golden Age Hawkman tend to Zanadu's victims, the Golden Age Superman and Power Girl engage the Lemurian sorceror. Zanadu directs a flow of molten Earth at the Man of Steel, encasing him in the rapidly solidifying rock. Turning on Power Girl, Zanadu liquifies the ground beneath her feet, until she sinks out of sight. On the ground, the Golden Age Hawkman and Wildcat accept the sobering truth that there's nothing they can do for the Japanese. Upon hearing music, Wildcat suddenly attacks the Golden Age Hawkman. As the Winged Wonder struggles to get to his feet, Wildcat declares his intention to murder his longtime teammate, on behalf of the Injustice Society


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