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Disasters continue around the world as the JSA is assisted by the members of the Super Squad, including Power Girl, Robin and the Star-Spangled Kid. Meanwhile, Brain Wave recruits the help of Per Degaton to build him a new body!

Brainwave defeats mental images of the Justice Society of America, created by his own psychic powers. An exercise in self-indulgence that tries the patience of Brainwave's mysterious associate. The Golden Age Flash, Wildcat & Power Girl arrive at the Justice Society of America's headquarters. There, they take the Justice Society of America's Sky-Rocket into space, to confront Brainwave. In Capetown, South Africa, the Golden Age Robin maneuvers a truck laden with dynamite into a gas fissure. The truck explodes, sealing the fissure... yet, the gas is still escaping. Playing a hunch, the Golden Age Robin removes his nose filters, revealing the gas leak to be an illusion. He is immediately attacked by a mob of costumed men. As he begins to fight back, the Golden Age Green Lantern uses his ring to erase this second illusion. The Golden Age Robin was actually fighting with civilians.

In Seattle, Washington, the Golden Age Hawkman and Doctor Mid-NIte are also attacked by a mob of costumed men. This time, Brainwave's agents are real. Doctor Mid-NIte detonates one of his blackout bombs, plunging the sky into darkness. To free up the Golden Age Hawkman's arms for combat, Doctor Mid-Nite works his way down to the Winged Wonder's legs. Unfortunately, Doctor Mid-Nite loses his grip, plummeting to the waiting ground. Moments earlier, the Star-Spangled Kid had arrived on the scene to deal with the earthquake, created by Brainwave. The Star-Spangeld Kid had flown into a crevice, using his Cosmic Rod to set up a counter vibration to quell the quake. Flying out of the crevice before it closes on him, the Star-Spangeled Kid spies the plummeting form of Doctor Mid-Nite, and catches him. The three heroes then beat the living daylights out of Brainwave's minions.

Using his machines to drain away the Justice Society of America's "will energy", as they responded to the three crises, Brainwave is able to restore Per Degaton to his former glory. The two men have little time to revel in Brainwave's accomplishment, as Power Girl punches through the hull of the satellite. The Golden Age Flash and Wildcat are right behind her. Per Degaton quickly cobbles a communications laser into a stasis ray, which also doubles as a protective force field. In short order, he repels both the Golden Age Flash and Power Girl, while Brainwave tends to Wildcat. Like the proverbial cavalry, the rest of the Justice Society of America enters the fray. A pitched battle ensues, with the two villains largely dominating against the Justice Society of America. Brainwave activates a gravity-displacement beam, designed to send the Earth hurtling into the sun.

Protected by Per Degaton's force field, Brainwave proves immune to attack. Combining their powers to protect her, the Golden Age Green Lantern and Doctor Fate send Power Girl out into space. Exerting incredible effort, Power Girl slowly pushes Brainwave's satellite away from the Earth, towards the sun. The oppressive heat within the satellite fells all the combatants. Brainwave's new appearance is revealed to be another illusion. With the villains defeated, Power Girl pulls the satellite out of the sun's gravitational well. Back at the Justice Society of America's headquarters, Wildcat proposes adding Power-Girl, the Star-Spangled Kid, and the Golden Age Robin to the roster. Wildcat holds that "these kids" have a lot to learn. Incensed at Wildcat's condescending attitude, Power Girl points out that it was the younger heroes who resolved all of Brainwave's crises, as well as, ultimately, bringing about the villain's defeat.


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