All-Star Comics #57

    All-Star Comics » All-Star Comics #57 - The Mystery of the Vanishing Detectives! released by DC Comics on February 1951.

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    Final Golden Age issue. the title would pick up with issue #58 precisely 25 years later.

    1. The Mystery Of The Vanishing Detectives: (JSA) four famed detectives from around the world arrive in Civic city for an international detective's convention hosted by the JSA. a staged crime is committed on a glass-walled set for the detectives to salve but as soon as they figure it out the stage lights suddenly get so bright the reflection off the glass blinds the audience. Flash quickly finds and fixes the problem but in the moments that takes him the four detectives disappear from the stage, leaving only a silver skeleton key as a clue.

    only a moment later four cablegrams arrive, one for each detective, each calling them home for an unusual case with a silver key left as a clue. while the rest stay to look for the missing detectives Green Lantern flies himself, Dr. Mid-Nite, Flash, and Wonder Woman to stand in for the missing detectives.

    2. Captain Tootsie Cheers Orphans: (Tootsie Roll add)

    3. The Mystery Of The Vanishing Detectives part 2: (JSA) Dr. Mid-Nite is dropped in London where a bank has been robbed and the thieves seemed to disappear but he finds them hiding in an old air raid shelter next to the bank.

    meanwhile, Flash is dropped at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris where gargoyles have been disappearing. it turns out the real Quasimodo hid a fortune in one of the gargoyles and the thieves were using a secret passage to steal them because they didn't know which one the gold was hidden in.

    4. The Mystery Of The Vanishing Detectives part 3: (JSA) in Istanbul Wonder Woman learns that each year the Emir of Kasdan receives his weight in gold from his loyal followers as a birthday present every year but this time he was delayed and an imposter was weighed and took the gold. she realizes the weight of the gold and the fake Emir caused the car to leave unusually deep tracks on the dirt road so she is able to track them to where they abandoned the car to board a submarine. before it can submerge she lassoes it and drags it onto land.

    meanwhile, Green Lantern lands in Honolulu where a luxury liner is being held in port with everyone kept aboard until the theft of a very valuable collectible bill is solved. GL sets a trap for the thief by making it look like the victim and everything he had on him was contaminated by radiation.

    5. The Mystery Of The Vanishing Detectives part 4: (JSA) returning to Civic City the four find Black Canary who tells them that her Atom and Hawkman searched the set and found what they thought was a fake cellar door led to an actual cellar and tunnels. they followed footprints to a mansion where they find the four missing detectives sitting at a table, immobilized by hipnosis. one of the detective's face appears on a screen on the wall before removing his disguise, revealing himself to be the Key who took the place of one of the detectives before the convention. he tries to escape by cable car over a ravean but ends up falling to his death.

    6. The Last Dictator: (text story)

    7. The Lady Of Mars: two men at an observatory are visited by a martian woman who takes them back with her to Mars to help rediscover lost technology so they can defend themselves against another Martian group.


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