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A new scene for the new Stellar Studios production, "Thief In The Night", is filmed. As the smoke clears, at the end of the scene, the lead actor, Tom Colway, turns up missing. The head of production, Fred T. Fanum, receives a message from Evil Star, threatening further peril, unless the film's production is halted. The studio heads hold a meeting to determine how best to proceed. Fanum decides to contact the Justice Society of America.

The Black Canary requests a copy of the film's script, but Fanum only has the first half. A mysterious masked figure approached Fanum, in the dead of night, and handed him the first half of the script. Doctor Mid-Nite surmises that the script may be a thinly veiled biography of Evil Star, the conclusion of which will likely reveal Evil Star's identity. A fact that Evil Star would stop at nothing to prevent from coming to light. The Justice Society of America split up to carry out their investigation of the case.

Fanum takes the Atom, and the Black Canary, on a tour of Stellar Studios. Fanum points out a number of valuable items that are routinely targeted by thieves. In his underground lair, Evil Star assigns a series of tasks to his underlings. Chief among them is to discover the identity of the scriptwriter. Doctor Mid-Nite, and the Flash, go undercover, as extras in the film. When Evil Star, and his thugs, arrive, on set, to stop production, Doctor Mid-Nite, and the Flash, swing into action.

Evil Star releases a canister of smoke, under cover of which his men are able to overwhelm the two heroes. Evil Star takes Doctor Mid-Nite, and the Flash, prisoner. The Hawkman, and Wonder Woman, become aware of more sinister doings, on another part of the set. The Hawkman discovers, then disarms, a bomb, planted on set. While the Hakman, and Wonder Woman, battle against his thugs, the Evil Star makes his presence known.

During their pursuit of Evil Star, the Hawkman, and Wonder Woman, accidentally crash into a plate glass windown. Evil Star finishes subduing the two heroes, with tear gas. Evil Star takes the Hawkman, and Wonder Woman, prisoner. Fanum places a large order for props with Guy Pompton, the owner of the Ace Movie Rental Agency. After Pompton leaves, Fanum suddenly remembers another prop he needs for the film. Fanum chases after Pompton, but loses him.

The sound of moaning draws Fanum, the Atom, and the Black Canary, into the silver processing room. There they find the lead chemist, injured, on the floor, with Evil Star escaping out the window. The Atom, and the Black Canary, pursue Evil Star. The Atom, and the Black Canary, corner the arch-criminal, only to discover they have been led into a trap. Evil Star's thugs ambush the Atom, and the Black Canary, mercilessly beating them into unconsciousness. Evil Star takes the Atom, and the Black Canary, prisoner.

The Green Lantern tracks the scriptwriter down to a ghost town in Faberville, California. The Green Lantern is met by the sole occupant of Faberville, Ned Jenkins, the town's postmaster general, mayor, and chief of police. The Green Lantern's investigation leads him to a small sound studio, wherein he meets Harold Forbes, the scriptwriter of "Thief In The Night." Forbes denies involvement, declaring that he is merely Pompton's secretary. Forbes' nervousness leads the Green Lantern to suspect that Forbes is lying.

A subtle movement in Forbes' costume rack alerts the Green Lantern to the presence of Evil Star. Drawing a gun on the Green Lantern, Evil Star shoots, only to have the bullet deflected by a power ring constructed shield. The Green Lantern moves in to apprehend Evil Star, when he is distracted by the sounds of voices threatening him. Duped by a bit of audio trickery, the Green Lantern is quickly knocked unconscious by Evil Star. Taken prisoner, the Green Lantern awakens, bound in a movie theater, alongside the rest of the Justice Society of America.

The team's bonds are connected to a multi-knife throwing prop, which will release it's lethal blades the second any of the team moves. Realizing the knives are aimed squarely at their chests, the Green Lantern advises the team to lean far to the right, simultaneously, to dodge the barrage. Freed of their bonds, the Justice Society of America go after Evil Star. Fanum meets with Pompton, in the Stellar Studios' film vault. The master print of Fanum's first film, "Great Years", has been stolen.

Fanum finds another message from Evil Star, demanding five million dollars for the return of the print. The Justice Society of America enter the film vault. The Justice Society of America reveal that Pompton is Evil Star. Pompton shines a star through a film projector, signaling his men. Evil Star's thugs attack the Justice Society of America. While the team is busy battling Evil Star's goons, Evil Star flees. The Green Lantern apprehends Evil Star. In appreciation of their service, the Justice Society of America are offered the chance to have their footprints immortalized in cement, in front of a famous Hollywood theater.


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