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Young Cyclops Flees

This has been a fabulous series, and although I've been disappointed a couple of times it has still been brilliant, and the Marvel NOW! series I look forward to reading the most each month.


This issue sees the younger Cyclops run away from the school and Wolverine has to go after him. Kitty Pryde also helps Jean Grey cope with he recently found telepathic powers.


This was a brilliant issue and one of my favourites in the series so far. Brian Michael Bendis has been doing an excellent job of this series, and although it's had a few down points along the way, overall it's been a very fun, and exciting series, and Bendis has me hooked to it. As I've said in the past I never expected that bringing the younger versions of the original X-Men to the present would work, but it's been the best thing about this series, and the thing I most look forward to seeing in each issue. This issue Bendis continues throwing spanners into the works when the younger Cyclops runs away not handling the knowledge of what he's going to do very well, which has created a brilliant issue, and has potential for further great things, but I'll talk more about that further on in my review.

I've really enjoyed Stuart Immonen's art in this series, but have noticed a few imperfections recently in his work, so it's nice to see David Marquez stepping in for him. I know Marquez is capable of doing brilliant artwork, as he's shown in Fantastic Four: Season One, and Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, but I never expected to like his artwork even more than Immonen's, but after seeing his art in this issue I have to say I much prefer Marquez' art. Don't get me wrong I still think Immonen is a fantastic artist, and look forward to seeing him return to this series, but I also hope that Marquez is put on one of Marvel's top titles as he deserves it. Marquez' art in this issue is simply phenomenal, and very detailed. I've really enjoyed his art on other titles, especially Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, but this has to be his best artwork to date. He draws all the characters perfectly, and the action sequences look amazing.

There were many brilliant moments in this issue, and along with issue 2 it is my joint favourite issue in the series so far. I actually half expected the series to go down hill after the announcement last issue that the young X-Men would be staying a while longer, but I'm glad that I was wrong, and even more glad to see that it's even better, and I hope it stays this good, but through past history of the series so far I'd be surprised. Still expect the series to be good though.

The thing I loved most in this issue was how the young Cyclops fled from the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, and how he couldn't handle the fact that his future self would kill Professor X. I also liked that Wolverine, went after him, and that he was angry that he took his bike, and jacket. This was handled very well, as it would be easy to just have Cyclops run away, Wolverine run after him, and drag him back, or get straight into a fight with no set-up, but Bendis did a great job in this issue. It was slightly emotional at certain points, as Wolverine couldn't help but feel anger and rage towards Cyclops knowing that he would kill Professor X, but at the same time felt sorry for him due to the predicament he was in. I also liked the naivety of the young Cyclops not knowing that Wolverine had an Adamantium skeleton. I also liked that despite all this it leaded into a fight which should be interesting to see continued in the next issue.

I also liked the sequence that involved Jean, and Kitty, and especially the way it started. Jean has recently discovered that she has telepathic powers, which she can't control. It was very nice to see Kitty help out Jean, and the way they interacted was marvellous. Although I've never been the biggest Kitty fan I have enjoyed he role in the X-Men over the last few years, and especially since she returned a year or two ago in Uncanny X-Men: Breaking Point, and have especially liked seeing her have a bigger role in the group. The thing I mainly liked about Jean and Kitty's interaction was how Kitty felt towards Jean, as she couldn't help but think of the Jean she knew, whilst trying not to reflect that towards the younger Jean. I also liked how the roles are reversed, as when Kitty joined the X-Men Jean would have been her role model, whereas now the younger Jean is looking up to her, especially since she has helped her. It was also nice to see Storm make an appearance in this issue even though it was brief.

The thing I'm most looking forward to seeing carried forward into the next issue is the interaction between the current and younger Angel, as they met for the first time near the end of this issue. I won't speak much about this encounter due to it being near the end, and not wanting to spoil it but it was very interesting, and I look forward to seeing how it progresses. I'm aslo looking forward to seeing how the current Angel is acting now, as since dropping Wolverine and the X-Men I haven't read anything he's been in, and with everything that has happened to him over the last couple of years his development could get very interesting at any moment. There was also a shocking appearance at the very end of the issue, but I won't talk about that at all. All I will say is that anyone who's saw the cover for issue 7 will guess what it is.

Final Verdict

This was a brilliant issue and the joint best in the series so far, and I hope the series continues to be this good. I would highly recommend this issue, as well as the entire series so far, as it's been very exciting, entertaining, and fun.

Rating: 5/5

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