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    Cyclops vs. Cyclops

    All-New X-men is certainly not the best title of Marvel NOW!, but it is probably, in my opinion, the one that'll give you the most fun read. I was very excited for this issue due to the amazing cover, and, although it was fairly good, it was not, in my opinion, as satisfying as the other three comics of the series so far.

    We start off picking up the events of last issue, as the Scott and Magneto meet the original five. Bendis makes sure to deliver action, although it was very short. Soon after they meet, Magik teleports her friends out of the location. Immonen beautifully presents the fight, with nice facial expressions, and perfectly displayed explosions and powers.

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    The story is short, and slow paced. We see a bit of all characters. The mutants that Scott and the others "recruited" do make an appearance, although it is a brief one. There is well done piece of dialogue between them, and it's nice to see they weren't forgotten. Eva and Christopher are interesting characters, and I hope to see more of them in the Marvel NOW! Uncanny X-men series.

    After the short battle, we also saw a bit more of the original 5, who were truly desperate. Thankfully Immonen does a fantastic job with their facial expressions, especially on Jean who suffers with her new ability of reading minds. This book certainly wouldn't be as good as it is if Stuart weren't the artist.

    What. The. Hell? Nobody was thinking about cookies?!?!?!
    What. The. Hell? Nobody was thinking about cookies?!?!?!

    By the end we see Beast, who is a low hanging fruit! Overall, this was a greatly enjoyable issue, with fantastic art and awesome plot, although I have a few complaints. One of them is that the fight was too short. The other is that things are going too slow! All-New X-men #4 gets a 7/10.

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