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Lost and Found

Writer Brian Michael Bendis has done a great job of capturing the fun and excitement of the first X-Men comics, and with the cover of issue 32 we have a throwback to Kitty Pryde's first issue when she joined the X-Men.

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So does this mean that Miles Morales, the Spider-Man from the Ultimate Universe, will join the team? I really wish it did, but I think this is just a temporary cross over, and that made me a bit sad to be honest. We keep getting teases of Miles coming over to the main MCU but that's all they are... teases... just a girl who can tie a cherry steam into a knot with her tongue, but won't go to third base.

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I was prepared for this to be a tease though, because if Miles ever comes to the 616, there will be a big headline in the news and Marvel will make a big deal to promote it. So I can't get too mad at the issue... it's a solid hand job, if we are still going with the forementioned metaphor. The X-Men met a new mutant last issue that has the ability to send people to different dimensions, which has thrown our team to alternative earths, hence our Spider-Man cross over.

Of course, no one was sent anywhere nice but rather places like Latvaria, the Savage Land, New York ... you know, the evilest of places. The issue bounces around and we get reactions from all of the X-Men and the setup of potential problems in their respective alternate realities. I will say though, I'm not crazy interested in the rest of the team's situation, and really just want more of Jean Gray and Miles Morales. Bendis excels at writing witty dialogue and the interactions between the two are incredibly fun. We will at least get a few more issues as all of the X-Men are currently... what's the scientific term... shit out of luck.. and trapped on different earths. Though if anyone at Marvel is reading this... I don't care if you're just with the janitorial staff... you march into the editor-in-chief's office and you tell him to put Miles in the 616!! Yell loudly and flail your arms a lot.. tell them Patrick sent you.... and that Patrick is your dog... who you take strict commands from. Make it happen people.

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