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Summer Lovin'

I'm sure Wolverine will have no problem with Angel boning his clone daughter... We have all been there. If you are thinking to yourself... isn't that a little racy for comics? Then you haven't been reading X-Men for the past 50 years. When the X-Men are not out fighting villains, they just chill out, and get into trouble at home! It's funny to see Angel in a club pissing people off because they keep bumping into his wings. X-Men has always had a formula in comics with superhero action, young love stories, genocide, witty banter, etc. It's simple mathematics... boy meets girl, girl can't control her ever increasing telepathic power, boy leaves girl to be a space pirate with his dad, girl's teacher falls in love with said space pirates, carry the 2, phone sex ... maybe we should draw a graph?

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Thank you Beast, it all makes sense now! What can I say, some people had Saved by the Bell, but I had X-Men. Did that reference just totally give away my age? I will say, as silly as it can all be, it's never over done. We get a few pages of love story, nothing that will make you burst out into flames. That is what the X-men books do so well though, we just get to see these characters be characters, have relationships etc. I don't just mean romantic relationships but true friendships that last for decades. This book has had plenty of killer action, but this issue gives us a break, to stop and smell the roses.. and try and hook up with your teammates ...come on, we all went to summer camp.

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I wanna kiss you all ooover... Til the night closes in! *Cough* Sorry, I didn't see you come back. Where was I? We also get some great dialogue between Jean Grey and Emma Frost, two characters who, for the longest time, have hated each other, are starting to become friends. The reason for the tension? You guess it, both where in love with the same man; Cyclops. Some people may think this friendship is forced, and it might be a bit, however, I am really tired of female characters fighting over guys. The whole "women competing with each other" just drives me crazy, both in comics and in real life. It's good to see to characters overcome this cliché and move forward with their own interesting stories. This is a very fun issue, and though nothing important happens, it's good to see characters take a break and have fun, because it makes it more meaningful when we burn their worlds to the ground!

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Enjoy it while you can.

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