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Hot mutant action

Another issue of All-New X-Men, that was quick. I have to say that, yes the series is %100 awesome, new issues are also printing at the speed of sound. Wow. Let me get that complaint out of the way, slow it down Marvel. On to the review:

Wow. I am definitely enjoying this title and issue 3 is no slouch. I will say that it is disappointing that it sort of drops where the story was going in the last two issues and jumps to a new point. It is still good but I felt like this was sort of a filler issue. Not wanting to get to what we're all waiting for too soon: the meeting of the two Cyclops...Cyclopie...Cyclopses? Anyway. I love where Bendis has taken this book and I anxiously await issue 4 because the old and new meet eye to eye. Get it? The last page of this issue left me giggling like a school girl when a certain someone simply uttered "What do you think you're doing?" Oh, that my dear friend, is writing. If you aren't reading this issue, get on the ball before you fall to far behind.

Immonen continues to deliver on the art. It is gorgeous and his type of atmosphere fits the feel and style of the story well. From the cover to the final page I simply can't stop looking. Gorgeous work Mr. Immonen.

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