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It's fine, I Guess.

Ok, first off the art is amazing but that's all that is amazing about this issue AND series.

The characterization is all off. Cyclops has been acting like a tool for a few years now but this takes it to a whole new level. "My mutant name is Cyclops", "get ready for the Mutant revolution", please, when did Scott turn into a cheesy third rate villain and the king of all douche bags? I'm guessing the moment Bendis got his hands on him.

The Emma Frost we have been reading would never have treated Scott that way after all they have been through together but Bendis doesn't want them together anymore so to hell with established characterization. Beast going back to get their past selves is utterly stupid and again, out of character. Instead of putting some thought into it and making it make sense to the story and the history of the X-Men Bendis obviously just went with the first and easiest idea that popped into his mediocre brain.

What is all this talk of "Mutant Genocide"? why does Beast or anyone for that matter think Cyclops is going to commit Mutant Genocide. He is basically Magneto light who is pi$$ing off humans. Genocide?

The whole subplot with the phoenix messing with there powers is pointless and feels like filler. its not like they are the first people possessed by or in Magneto's case attacked by the Phoenix force and it has never messed with powers before but hey, what does continuity matter when you need struggling with powers filler.

Not terrible but NOT good

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