ironhawk22's All-New X-Men #1 - What Happens Now? review

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X-Citing New Era for the X-Men!

Cover: Fantastic two sided cover, I love the writing on the bottom for MARVEL NOW(!!!).


The art is great, one small complaint is on some pages the colors are a bit dark and the letters are kind of smeared.

Story and Script.

One word: Iceman. Iceman steals the show in this issue with his humor. I really like Cyclopes NOW(!!!), I've never been a huge fan but I find him much more interesting as of late. The new characters in this issue seem interesting as well.

Something I don't like so much is how Magneto is kind of just there, not really doing much. I really like Magneto(thanks to X-Men: Magneto Testament; which I may talk more about in the not so distant future). The development with Beast is extremely interesting. Another fault with this issue is the last pages were spoiled like months ago.

Overall: Pick it up!

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