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Three reviews with five star ratings, how does one really manage that? Honestly, This is probably one of my favorite newly launched marvel titles. While the comic might be uneventful action wise, it still has a lot of content story wise, which is fine with me, because good action in all reality needs good development.

Peter David's main key factor to success has always been two main things: Dialogue and characterization. Even when the story is simply flowing towards a general direction these two concepts always coat the whole package with a lot of fun. In terms of characterization, I really do like the characters, each of them have their own separate agendas going on and they do really tend to grow on you. Like I said, it's only been three issues and I'm already invested in their future. Gambit as usual is witty and fun despite being one of the main characters. PAD juggles his comedic and serious sides well which is always really entertaining to read. I love how Gambit is presented with a slightly humorous yet tough decision oriented problem. This of course, doesn't really imply that the other characters are shunned at all, because they get to play the role of certain key plot points that would be the basis of future stories. For example Quicksilver, as theorized by Gambit, is a double agent for Havok, Double agent in a sense that he keeps an eye on Polaris, which will no doubt be important later on in this series. Speaking of which, I'm really intrigued by what Polaris's deal is, she seems to bounce between emotional states, which in light of the her past ( Which has been brought up throughout these 3 issues) I think I understand why she is like that, however, I really hope that David develops her later on. Moreover, the dialogue has that natural tone that is very typical for davids writing. The banter and the conversation between the protagonists makes a lot of sense and flows really well with each other, considering that having read this issue I could imagine people having such conversations, which in case you didn't know, shows how great PAD is with simple conversations.

While the story mainly revolves around Gambit adjusting to his teammates and new life, there are a lot of sub plots peter david implants. I was worried that Hoffmans might have been cast aside since he was defeated and all, but fortunately I was wrong. As it would seem Hoffman will be playing a larger role in Harrison Snow's plan, which again really gets me excited for what is going to happen next. Funny thing is that Snow doesn't seem like a villain, more like a business man who doesn't like to let go of good opportunities. This is very intriguing because it will undoubtedly become very important if the team ever learns about this.

I won't say much about the art because I like it for the most part and doesn't really seem to have any problems. it's consistent, bright, and suits the tone of the book really well. It's nothing spectacular, but it's definitely really good.

Overall, this series has great dialogue, characterization, story, and art. If you are not a fan of these characters I'm sure you'd still find this book very appealing, considering that long time fans have enjoyed the start of this new series as far as i've seen on the internet.

Recommendation: yup

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