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Danger 0

Three reviews with five star ratings, how does one really manage that? Honestly, This is probably one of my favorite newly launched marvel titles. While the comic might be uneventful action wise, it still has a lot of content story wise, which is fine with me, because good action in all reality needs good development.Peter David's main key factor to success has always been two main things: Dialogue and characterization. Even when the story is simply flowing towards a general direction these two...

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Secrets,hacking and thieves 0

Peter David's All-New X-Factor has been the most interesting and compelling new title from Marvel NOW! that is comind out and even though I have missed the critically acclaimed and such a great run from all I know,his older X-Factor run,now I am trying to look at the new one who is trying to live up to the legend.The issue is starting a new arc or continuing the last one,I don't really know actually but it seems like there is actually still no arc to actually read up on.The issue itself has rea...

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All-New X-Factor #3 Review –“When the Danger Gets Tough.” 0

Intro When I read the last X-Factor series (which, I’m still catching up on.) it was a really great series that brought something different to the table. It really felt like a detective series with a mutant twist on it. So when I heard about an “all-new” X-Factor series was coming around, I was really happy about it. Because it was definitely something Marvel was missing when it got cancelled and I was itching to see these characters return with something new. But as I read abo...

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Getting better 0

This issue shows significant improvement from the last two, and I am quite pleased. There's a lot I liked about this issue, namely the fact that the intro is written like a letter to the reader, the well-written relationships between characters, the fact that Polaris is both a focal character and is being written well (that doesn't happen often), the fact that each character on the team is getting a little more depth as the story progresses (almost in equal measures), and the fact that Peter Da...

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Unnatural Exposition EVERYWHERE 0

I have a really hard time understanding why this series is so popular when much of the conversations held in it read like that of an alien trying to write dialogue for the first time. Seriously, almost every conversation held is chock full of important info that the audience needs to know, and no one talks like human beings. It's very frustrating, and throws the whole issue away for me. The world that's being developed and introduced is interesting enough, but there is no possibility that I can ...

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