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All-New Invaders #1 Review

James Robinson is probably best known for his work at DC Comics, having recently finished his run on Earth 2. He has however started writing for Marvel again, with this along with the upcoming Fantastic Four relaunch being the first two titles he's working on. As for this issue Robinson did a terrific job of setting up this storyline, introducing the Kree as the main threat perfectly. I also loved how it focused mainly on Jim Hammond (the original Human Torch) as although it would have been nice to have seen more of the other Invaders, it was especially nice to see that Jim won't be a background character.

Steve Pugh also makes a return to Marvel with this series, proving why he's such a wonderful artist. Now I have to start by saying that I wasn't quite as impressed with his art as I usually am, as despite there being nothing wrong from Pugh's side, Guru Efx' colours didn't suit Pugh's art quite as well as the colourists that worked alongside him at DC Comics. The layout and impactful nature of Pugh's art was however as usual very impressive, with the intensity in some of Jim's expressions adding a lot of excitement.

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