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    All For One is All Might's arch enemy, the founder of the League of Villains and the mentor and adopted father of Tomura Shigaraki. He wishes to see All Might suffer and die along with Tomura's success.

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    All For One (オール・フォー・ワン Ōru Fō Wan), surname Shigaraki (死し柄がら木きShigaraki?), is the former leader and benefactor of the League of Villains, the main antagonist of the Hideout Raid Arc, and the overarching antagonist of the series.

    Once Japan's most powerful villain, and All Might's arch-nemesis, his full identity is unknown. His true motive is to take his little brother's For One (オール・フォー・ワン Ōru Fō Wan), surname Shigaraki (死し柄がら木きShigaraki), is the former leader and benefactor of the League of Villains, the main antagonist of the Hideout Raid Arc, and the overarching antagonist of the series.

    Once Japan's most powerful villain, and All Might's arch-nemesis, his full identity is unknown. His true motive is to take his little brother's Quirk, One For All, the only power that can oppose him. His current goal is to shape Tomura Shigaraki to become his new vessel by hijacking his body to use his hatred to steal One For All for good as well as to remake himself in greater power.

    He was imprisoned in Tartarus after his second defeat at All Might's hands, until he escaped, laying low waiting for his new body to heal.

    , One For All, the only power that can oppose him. His current goal is to shape Tomura Shigaraki to become his new vessel by hijacking his body to use his hatred to steal One For All for good as well as to remake himself in greater power.

    He was imprisoned in Tartarus after his second defeat at All Might's hands, until he escaped, laying low waiting for his new body to heal.


    After being mortally injured by All Might years ago, All For One's face is entirely made up of scar tissue, extending from above his upper lip and covering his entire head and the back of his neck. As such, he has no visible nose, ears, hair or eyes, though the outlines of eye sockets are visible. All For One is blind, but "sees" by using an Infrared Quirk and by sensing the directions of vibrations in the area around him, similar to echolocation. There is a small hole in each palm of his hands, which is how he steals and transfers Quirks.

    In the past, All For One possessed strong, imposing features, short white hair, and luminous red eyes. However, his face has never been clearly shown, and his eyes are often shadowed. He usually wears a dark suit over a white shirt.

    When All For One left his secret hideout during the Kamino Incident, he donned a navy blue, skull-like gas mask with angular tubes at the top, a wide collar-like life-support system around his neck with additional pipes connecting in the front and back, presumably to help him breathe.


    All For One is a sadistic and malevolent man. He likes to rule from the shadows and enjoys himself at the expense of people. YoichiShigaraki gives insights into his personality to IzukuMidoriya in a dream. In the past, All For One did use his powers to help people, but in exchange for their servitude. Once they were no longer able to follow his orders, All For One would callously abandon them. Those who defied his will were purged by his followers. All For One shows signs of megalomania, comparing himself to the Demon Lord he read in comics. He also displays signs of kleptomania, claiming that he can't resist stealing a powerful Quirk when the opportunity presents itself.

    In the past, All For One cared for his younger brother Yoichi, although he was condescending towards him. He mocked his frail brother, saying that without power, it is impossible to assert one's ideals. All For One has a firm contempt for ideals of justice and morality, dismissing them as beliefs of other people that shackle personal freedom. Presently, All For One's greatest obsession is to steal One For All, a Quirk that originated from Yoichi and the one Quirk that he cannot steal.

    All For One is a patient mentor towards his protégé, Tomura. He offers constructive criticism and encouragement to Tomura whenever the latter fails. He also prefers to teach Tomura by providing him opportunities and different experiences. However, this benevolence is a facade, because All For One views Tomura as a valuable tool to steal One For All. This is made apparent during the Paranormal Liberation War, when All For One forcibly possesses Tomura despite the latter's protests.

    All For One despises those who persistently defy him, especially the users of One For All. He loathes All Might in particular for ruining his syndicate and crippling him. He is also a firm believer in the hatred of the heart, believing it to be a very strong source of power. When mentoring Tomura, All For One gave him the hands of his deceased relatives as a way for the negative feelings in his heart to always remain close. When encountering the previous wills of One For All in the mental world, the vestige of All For One was not troubled when Tomura started to loathe him, stating that this hatred was only more fitting for the Symbol of Fear.

    Due to his immense power and confidence, All For One has a calm and condescending demeanor, confident even when thwarted. Despite his hegemony, All For One is polite and sympathetic towards his subordinates and associates. However this is superficial charm by which All For One fools people into following him. He is well-informed about almost every significant figure among heroes and villains.

    While All For One is completely selfish, he is willing to die for his ideals and will not spare any effort to ensure that his idea of a Symbol of Fear will continue even after his death. While he wants to possess Tomura's body for his own ends, All For One does not mind if Tomura manages to kill him, as long as he continues his legacy.

    As a side effect of his own Quirk, All For One explains that he often suffers from nightmares where the people from whom he stole Quirks appear in his dreams and hurl insults at him. Despite his remorseless personality, All For One admits that such episodes leave him very discouraged at times. He scoffs at the idea of him being able to feel guilt however, believing it to be a trait of inferior humans. As further proof of his detachment, he has repeatedly denied blame for any of his actions, instead laying the fault on his followers who only wanted to support him or who otherwise sided with his plans for their own reasons, despite the evident fact that he had manipulated all parties involved into acting on his behalf with honey laced promises while taking advantage of their personal and emotional vulnerabilities to coerce them to enact his will, persistently refusing to admit that he is to be held responsible, while at the same time gloating about his results and his alleged power to achieve his goals, grinning with hypocrital delight.

    It is implied that the reason he requires the hatred and will of Tomura to successfully steal One For All in the first place is because he himself does not carry any hate, or at least nowhere near as much as needed. Hawks questions why after so many years of chasing down One For All he would not deeply resent the users to that great of an extent, and theorizes that this is because there is something missing in his soul, pointing out how he is always smiling. This is supported by the fact that, no matter how cruel or sadistic his actions or those who fight him or thwart his ambitions, he never seems to hold or exhibit true malice or emotions. This could be due to him being so selfish, he literally cannot care about anything beyond himself enough to form the required attachments that are needed to create a powerful grudge or strong feeling of revenge.

    Although All For One grew a very strong contempt and hatred towards All Might for having permanently damaged his body and taking away his rule and status over Japan. All For One later admits that he has lost all interest in All Might and is now focused on the current One For All wielder, Izuku Midoriya. It appears that All For One is so egomaniacal, to the point where only those who persistently stand in his way and are strong enough to defy him warrant both his constant attention and hatred. He is that emotionally inclined towards his goals, that he is either dismissive or manipulative towards all else, seeing people either as obstacles in his way or pawns for him to manipulate for his own gain.

    Abilities & Powers

    Overall Abilities: All For One is Japan's most powerful villain. Thanks to the Life Force Quirk, All For One is virtually immortal, and has been active since the emergence of Quirks. He has collected numerous Quirks with an extensive range of applications and can combine them as he pleases. This, along with his ability to steal any Quirk from his opponent makes All For One nigh impossible to defeat. The villain will employ any means necessary to hurt his opponent before killing them.

    Even in his prime, All For One easily defeated powerful Pro Heroes, making himself appear unequaled and unstoppable. The only individuals that can effectively oppose the Symbol of Evil are the inheritors of One For All, a Quirk All For One himself inadvertently created, and the only Quirk he can't steal (though he tried to steal it from Daigoro Banjo and En, twice). All For One sought each One For All user (excluding Hikage Shinomori), and easily killed them by overwhelming them with his barrage of Quirks. However, All For One was unable to steal One For All, nor prevent any of the users from passing the Quirk. Nevertheless, All For One remained unchallenged until the rise of All Might. All Might possessed the necessary strength to challenge All For One, and the two opponents fought a bloody duel. Although All Might sustained crippling injuries, he succeeded in defeating All For One, forcing the villain to rely on life support system.

    Six years later, despite losing all his senses and unable to recover from his injuries, All For One was far from weak. He single handedly overpowered Endeavor, Best Jeanist, Edgeshot, Mt. Lady, and Gran Torino with little effort, as well as fight on par with All Might until the hero was exhausted out of his muscle form. With his ultimate Quirk combination, coupled with All Might's declining power, All For One nearly succeeded in killing All Might, but the latter summoned his willpower and used the last of his power to knock out the Symbol of Evil.

    Immense Strength: All For One is extremely strong, being able to easily trade blows with All Might, whose physical strength was thought to be unrivaled. In his zenith, he was able to effortlessly overpower pre-Nomu Hood, though the latter was weakened from battling O'Clock and his allies.

    Immense Speed: All For One has incredible speed, as shown when he completely destroyed the Nomu factory, defeated the 4 Pro Heroes that were there, and dealt significant damage to the surrounding area in a split second. He also has sharp reflexes, being fast enough to react to All Might's punches.

    Immense Durability: Despite being in a disheveled state with severe injuries, All For One possesses an inhuman amount of durability. During the entirety of his second battle with All Might, he, unlike the latter, never flinched or otherwise screamed from pain, proving that the Symbol of Evil can withstand the Symbol of Peace's destructive blows with monstrous resilience. Another testament of his sturdiness was when All For One survived All Might's United States of Smash, though was rendered unconscious afterward.

    Enhanced Senses: Due to All For One being blind, his hearing improved immensely, as he is able to perceive his surroundings by sound. He can also sense vibrations in the air. An example of this was displayed when All For One quickly dispelled a flame attack from Endeavor, who had arrived on the scene with Edgeshot. However, this ability does have its limits, which is shown when he is placed in Tartarus: the lack of sound and vibrations leaves him completely oblivious to his surroundings.

    Genius Intellect: All For One possesses an extraordinary level of intellect, most likely due to his advanced age and life experience. He ruled Japan from the shadows for over a hundred years, with most of the public being ignorant of his existence. He is well-informed about current affairs and about significant figures among heroes and villains. He also possesses a vast knowledge of the Quirks he's stolen, which enables him to use them effectively.

    While condescending towards his opponents, All For One is an expert at observing his enemies and exploiting their flaws. Another terrifying aspect of All For One's intelligence is his ability to prey on people's insecurities. Aware that All Might still mourned his mentor, Nana Shimura, All For One used that to taunt the hero by insulting her, as well as reveal that Tomura is Nana's grandson. Afterward, he exposed All Might's emaciated form to the public to demoralize them as well as humiliate the hero.

    From observing All Might, All For One deduced that he no longer possesses One For All and Izuku Midoriya inherited the Quirk. In the aftermath of the Kamino Incident, it was revealed that All For One anticipated the possibility of his second defeat at the hands of All Might, and knew if that were to happen, he would be unable to transfer his All For One Quirk onto Tomura as planned. To ensure the inheritance of his power was fulfilled, the Symbol of Evil, prior to resurfacing, had his Quirk replicated by his physician, Kyudai Garaki, leaving All For One with the copied variant, and the Doctor with the original variant, which would then later be passed down to Tomura.

    When attacking Tartarus with his army of High-End Nomu, All For One was able to overcome the prison's nearly impenetrable defenses through a coordinated attack from the outside (since his consciousness took control of Tomura’s body) and inside (where his original body was housed). He successfully freed all the prisoners in Tartarus, including his original body. Given his inability to steal One For All, and knowledge of Quirks being imprinted with the original user's consciousness, it has been discussed that All For One primarily grooms Tomura's negative emotions so the former's will inside of the All For One Quirk can more easily inhabit Tomura's modified chassis, all in a final attempt for the original Symbol of Evil to acquire One For All.

    Indomitable Will: Befitting his epithet, the Symbol of Evil, All For One possesses a malefic volition so resolute, that he was able to easily amass hordes of followers in his long life through sheer influence. Within and outside the battlefield, All For One is entirely unfazed by unforeseen spectacles that would leave him otherwise intimidated or unhinged, and he commonly maintains his complacent attitude even when he seems to be at a disadvantage. His presence has shown to be so malicious and dark, Izuku, Tenya Ida, Momo Yaoyorozu, ShotoTodoroki, and Eijiro Kirishima were completely paralyzed with fear, despite the quintet previously experiencing life-or-death situations and encountering lethal villains. All For One's will is also great enough for his original Quirk to overwhelm Tomura Shigaraki's own willpower and possess the young villain like a puppet. This is convenient as All For One plans to transfer his personality onto Tomura, intending to become a more powerful being. However, in spite of having his ambitions thwarted time and again by users of One For All and the circumstance of All Might destroying his body and permanently crippling him, his hatred, if any, isn't strong enough to allow him to override the will of One For All or it user. Even disregarding the physical requirements to take One For All into himself, he seems to lack the emotional resolve to overpower the wills of the spirits in One For All. This seems to indicate that while his will is supremely strong when it comes to resisting things that might change him personally (his sense of self/personality), he doesn't seem to care enough about anyone or anything to have an emotional investment to strengthen his will. Tellingly, it's only when Tomura is in a negative state and consumed by rage that All For One Can take control as rage causes people to become unstable and forget themselves.


    All For One (オール・フォー・ワン Ōru Fō Wan?): All For One's Quirk allows him to steal other people's Quirks, leaving them Quirkless and wield the Quirks as his own. All For One can also redistribute his stolen Quirks to other people.

    His multiple Quirks grant him a very wide variety of options in combat, and he can combine his stolen Quirks to create compound attacks with devastating effects. However, he cannot steal the original users' Quirk proficiency and is therefore limited by his own skill with his stolen powers. Because of this, he prefers to steal Quirks that rely on raw power, rather than ones that take practice and experience to master. While he can steal any Quirk, All For One's body cannot properly contain Quirks of newer generations, the reason why he sought Dr. Garaki's medical research. He also mentions having frequent nightmares where the consciousness of the people he stole Quirks from appear before him and scream insults at him.

    Shortly before the Kamino Incident, his Quirk was duplicated by Doctor Garaki and the original version of it was given to Tomura, while All For One kept the copied version. Even after giving his original Quirk to Tomura, All For One can still use it to override Tomura's will and control him like a secondary body, regardless of the distance.

    Super Moves

    Ultimate Quirk Combination: All For One utilizes the strongest combination of Quirk that he currently holds inside his body to greatly enhance his right arm, combining Springlike Limbs, Multiplier, Hypertrophy, Rivets, Air Walk, and Spearlike Bones, as well as four Kinetic Booster Quirks and three Strength Enhancer Quirks. This combination of Quirks is what All For One attempted to use in order to kill All Might. He even added Impact Recoil onto this combination to better his chances of defeating All Might.


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