All-American Comics #101

    All-American Comics » All-American Comics #101 - Masquerade at Mesa City released by DC Comics on September 1, 1948.

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    1. "MASQUERADE AT MESA CITY" (Johnny Thunder) Johnny Thunder responds to a letter about a boy who idolizes him but thinks he can't be like him if he goes to school only to find thugs trying to push the boy and his parents off their land.
    2. MUTT & JEFF
    3. "THE CASE FO THE TALKING SHADOWS" (Dr. Mid-Nite) as Myra Mason leaves Dr. McNider's office she notices she has 2 shadows, then one of them runs away.
    4. MUTT & JEFF
    6. MUTT & JEFF
    7. "THE SHIP THAT SAILED THE HILLS" (Black Pirate)
    8. MUTT & JEFF
    9. "MAILMAN ON HORSEBACK" (text story)
    10. MUTT & JEFF
    11. "CRIMES FROM A CARDBOARD BOX" (Green Lantern) a kids game gives GL the clue he needs to figure out how criminals are pulling off invisible crimes.
    12. MUTT & JEFF

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