Aliya Dayspring

    Character » Aliya Dayspring appears in 94 issues.

    Teacher and wife to the mutant named Cable in the future. She and Cable also had a son, Tyler.

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    Aliya was a mutant in the Askani future with telepathic and telekinetic powers. She joined the Clan Askani to fight against the New Canaanites and Stryfe. She was the wife of Cable and they had a son named Tyler.


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    Aliya Dayspring was created by Fabian Nicieza and Art Thibert and first appeared in Cable Vol.1 issue 1 (1993).

    Major Story Arcs

    The Rebellion

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    Aliya joins the Clan Askani and receives tutelage from Madame Sanctity, an immensely powerful telepath and the current leader of the group. Aliya is wary of her tutor's mental state but still follows the teachings. Sanctity sends Aliya out to greet the "Chosen One," who ends up being a very young Cable who happens to be in the clutches of a foul beast. Aliya and Cable are able to escape and Cable is presented to the Askani. Sanctity puts Aliya in charge of training Cable, teaching him the ways of the Askani.


    Some time later, Aliya and Cable form the Clan Chosen and the two are wed. Aliya changes her name to Jenskot to honor the very first X-Men, Jean Grey and Cyclops (Scott Summers); ironically, those are technically Cable's parents (see his page for the technicalities).

    After some time, Jenskot has a son and they name him Tyler. It is uncertain whether Tyler is actually Cable's son, as it has been intimated that Stryfe may have raped Jenskot during captivity. Regardless, Cable and Jenskot raise Tyler as their own.


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    Jenskot participated in many battles at Cable's side. Her last, however, found Tyler getting taken by Stryfe's forces. Jenskot's area is hit by a bomb and she ends up dying in Cable's arms. She doesn't know that her son will be manipulated by Stryfe to become the mass-murderer Genesis. This isn't the last time that Cable sees his wife.

    Changing the Outcome

    After Cable gets stuck in the present (his time travel machinery was at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean), Jenskot makes the journey to enlist his help. In Cable's past he had become sick with a fever. He never knew how he got clear of it. The answer was that Jenskot enlisted his older self to travel back to the future to save the young Cable.

    The two are able to fight side-by-side again until the danger is over. Cable then returns to the present while Jenskot stays in the future to await whatever fate will come her way.


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