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    After being abandoned in a junkyard, she is found by a scientist who rebuilds her and names her Alita. With no memory of her past, she learns steadily of the being she used to be.

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    Alita was found in a junkyard by a cyberphysician named Dr. Ido. Dr. Ido rebuilt her, giving her a new body with incredible cybernetic enhancements. Her original human body was destroyed, and her true identity was initially a mystery. As she regains her memories, Alita's origin is revealed, and she discovers her past as a skilled combatant in the dystopian world of the Scrapyard.


    Alita was created by Japanese manga artist Yukito Kishiro. She made her first appearance in "Battle Angel Alita" (Gunnm) in 1990. The character quickly gained popularity in both Japan and international markets. Alita's creation is a fusion of science fiction, cyberpunk, and action-adventure themes that define the series.


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