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Alistair is a young mutant, who lived in a castle in Wales, making money from tourists, but the place was falling apart and Alistair was "sold" to the Museum of Oddities. Alistair likes to stay in the middle at the Museum of Oddities. As the visitation of the Museum of Oddities was low, Alistair decided to start this style appearances "Poltergeist" to enhance the reputation of the Museum. He wanted to help Mr. Vayle.

Is detected by the X-Men

Mr. Vayle hires the "investigators" Xavier's School, to find out about the hauntings Museum (which he hardly knew "hauntings" were nothing more and nothing less than Alistair). The X-Men Beast and Iceman meets Alistair, after dinner he steals Hank (Beast), Hank and Bobby (Iceman) invite Alistair to join the X-Men, but he rejected saying he had no attribute to offer them. So Mr. Vayle adheres Alistair on the payroll by creating a bond of friendship between Vayle and Alistair.


Alistair had the appearance of a gargoyle.


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