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Alison Green is a seemingly normal financial adviser whose life got turned upside down when she was arrested after the Inhuman named Ulysses predicted her setting of a bomb. When Alison was arrested, nothing seemed further from the truth, which caused many superheroes that first believed all predictions of Ulysses to question him and his visions.


Alison Green was created by Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez and first appeared in Civil War II issue 4 (2016).

Major Story Arcs

Release and Jessica Jones

After a number of authorities and her heroes checked her complete record and person files, Alison was cleared of all charges and released. This seemed to be the end of Alison's trial, but these happening did something to her.

Embittered, she contracted a supervillain named Spot to bring in the former superhero and detective Jessica Jones. She requested an audiance with her. When she finally mett Jessica, Alison asked her to join her in a mysterious crusade against some superheroes.


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