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Billions of years ago, the Guardians of the Universe had determined that Darkseid and his armies of Apokolips presented too great of a threat to the order of the Universe. In response to this threat, the Guardians prepared for an invasion into Apokolips, expanding the membership of the Green Lantern Corps to thirty-six hundred warriors. Alisand'r of Tamaran was one of the first 3600 Green Lanterns every recruited into the Green Lantern Corps. She would become one of the 3600 Green Lanterns sent to invade Apokolips under the command of Raker Qarrigat. There, the Lanterns found that Darkseid's forces were prepared for invasion. Hordes of yellow-armored Parademons had been waiting for their arrival. Their defenses were expertly prepared and designed to exploit the power ring's weakness to yellow. A full two-thirds of the Green Lantern Corps was defeated before the rookie Alisand'r was captured. In defiance, Alisand'r spat into Darkseid's face. The Lord of Apokolips responded by breaking her neck, with little effort and no remorse.


Alsand'r was created by Scott Beatty and Sergio Cariello, appearing in the popular story "Lantern Against the Dark" which told a previously unknown tale of the formation of the first Green Lantern Corps.

Character Evolution

Alisand'r's story was told in flashback, by Raker Qarrigat who stated that the events of Alisand'r's death and the cause she died for were expunged from the Great Book of Oa. As such, it is uncertain if Alsand'r's story remains in continuity. She does appear among the ranks within the Crypts of Oa.

Major Story Arcs

Alisand'r's story in continuity was in fact confirmed when she, along with the other Fallen Lanterns were resurrected as members of the Black Lantern Corps. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Powers And Abilities

As a member of the Green Lantern Corps, she wields a green power ring with all the associated powers and limitations.


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