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Guilty Pleasure

By The Angry Comic Book Critic          
         Okay now this film is a guilty pleasure for me...sometimes because I love these two franchise's in this film to death I even loved it's predessor despite the PG-13 rating but this I'm always on the fence for because this film is very dark I mean it's dark story wise but, what I'm really refering to here is it's dark.Dark as in I can't see a goddamn thing in front of my face and this right here is a little message here I have for the Brothers Strause...At anytime when you previewed the film did you fucking lame-asses think "Hey there's some awe inspiring brutality and violence courtesy of two of the most iconic monsters in Sci-fi only problem I can't see any of it maybe we should take a mulagan on this one re do the film you know with better lighting ha huh." because honestly if it were me I would have said puts some goddamn lighting in this before it becomes a radio broadcast because honestly for 3/4's of this film I could not tell what was going on.I felt like a blind man watching this movie. I mean I know something is happening but god I don't know what it is! I mean even in the day light scenes of this film it was hard to make out! Now there our aspects of this film that I like mostly the slightly new direction it took such as what would happen it these creatures ever attack a highly populated area? I'll tell what happen it would go from bad to shitstorm of the century in less then a second. Now another thing I liked about this film was the violence I mean the predator's skinning people again,Chestbursters are popping out of everywhere and you got a PredAlien yeah I said it an Alien and a Predator had a baby cause you see kids when two creatures love each other very much a bastard spawn of a thousands demons is born...yay. 
          Now most of the characters in this film sucked but one stood out above the rest and I think if he took some acting lessons we may have a real oscar winner here...The Lone Wolf Predator he was the only charcter in this film to give off any emotion sure his only lines were either "ROAR!!!" or "Perrr." but still I have never seen a predator looked as pissed off in my life as he did when he got the call to kill the Aliens and yeah I know what he was thinking "Goddamn morons can't even take down one fucking alien we're supposed the best hunters in the galaxy a-hole's it's fucking super bowl sunday ya bastards I was promised time off this!" 
       I'm The Angry Comic Book Critic and this Gets the Stamp of approval.

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