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Either your good at ignoring, or your good at hating this film

Now before I get into my categories, I would just like to point out, that it all depends on how you view this, weather you see it as a movie or if you see it as just a predator hacking and slashing anything that moves.  And believe it or not, that is really is the main factor on weather or not you will enjoy the film.  Since this is a MOVIE review I am taking into account all factors (acting, lighting, soundtrack, special effects etc…). but at the end of the review I will show the other way you can look at it which actually bumps up the enjoyment a little.   So now with our five categories…

The Spectacular:

Really all in all, considering everything that this movie violently shoves down your throat, there is some spectacular.   The fact that this is a rate R film it already says that there will be more blood than the first film, and when your talking about a character like this, the bloodier the merrier (seriously though, anyone that is a predator fan and saw as little bloodshed as AVP, knows that there is something WRONG there, but more on that in the other review). That being said let me tell you that this film has bloodshed written all over it from the get go.   Even nauseating amounts at times as a pregnant women just burst open (it’s even more disgusting than it sounds, believe it!!).  Another is that the main predator is probably the most badass predator in ANY movie (there, I said it!!).  With dual shoulder canons, special acid, bone splitting whips and more.  Not only does he have the equipment, but this bad boy is also smart, being able to turn broken weapons into new forms of weapons.  Experience also seems to side with this predator as he already has his face scarred from previous battle and is able to fend off multiple aliens at the same time.  This was probably my favorite predator from the movies (along with the new Berserker predator from the Predators film) due to just the way he acts and moves in different circumstances.

The O.K:

The addition of the new predalien was actually pretty good………but thats about it….

The Bad:

I guess a good place to start would be a issue that pops up every time its nighttime…  Most of the time when the predator is fighting and you want to see what is happening, you can’t, because its just plain and simply way too dark to really see anything.  In fact there is a fight that takes place in the sewers that is really awesome but you can’t see half of it clearly because of said lighting.  The next issue pops up every time that there is an “actor” in the scene…….yep you guessed it, acting!  Seriously, you wonder how they could make their whole cast a bunch of lousy no name actors.  I really cant say enough about it, its just really aggravating (makes me think that I should put this one in the I Cant Believe This section, but ill save that space for even more evident problems...yup there is definitely more).   So you can definitely forget about feeling sorry or even attached to a certain degree, cause it’s not going to happen, half the time you’ll love to watch them die.

I Can’t Believe This:

Well anyone that remembers the end of AVP remembers that (SPOILER WARNING)1:   There were dozens of predators on that ship, even and Elder predator, so they take the body in and the predalien comes out, well in the beginning of AVPR, predalien cant be killed by all the predators that were on the ship to begin with and on top of that the ships magically malfunctions and they fall back to earth, notice any problems here yet?   So what that means is 1: This fight took place in super speed as the ship didn’t even leave far enough from orbit that it fell back (WTF?!?!?!) 2: Elder predators are weak cause he didn’t make it but yet the one that was sent was basically for all intends and purposes and elder predator (just wasn’t called one…but neither was the first so…..).   There is probably also as much plot here as your typical Twilight: New Moon movie.   The predator gets there has to kill every alien and the humans have to survive (I even summed up the plot twists and sub plots right there too).

The other way……..(ran out of ideas for subtitles):

If a predator film for you means, just to see a predator exhibit his awesomeness and destroy every low-life that stands in his way, this might actually be a treat for you then (considering you ignore all the other faults I mentioned with the film).   A little better lighting and more predator screen time and much less dialogue from the “actors” this could have been a pretty good film just to see a predator destroy everybody, but sadly that’s not the case here, so if unless you ignore most of the movie and just watch the predator scenes this wont be much of a pleasant ride for you.

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