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Alien vs predator requiem

avpr was a  good movie that i saw because of predalien. The predalien was not a queen cause it wasnt bonded to a host for it to be a queen. There is no queen becuase people are saying its a young queen but its really not. The predalien is so good because i saw the fight between predator and predalien. the predalien can also reject eggs when it was in the hospital with some women. it started out being two aliens then it went to three, and now four but there is more because of predalien.

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    Now before I get into my categories, I would just like to point out, that it all depends on how you view this, weather you see it as a movie or if you see it as just a predator hacking and slashing anything that moves.  And believe it or not, that is really is the main factor on weather or not you will enjoy the film.  Since this is a MOVIE review I am taking into account all factors (acting, lighting, soundtrack, special effects etc…). but at the end of the review I will show the other way you ...

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    Guilty Pleasure 0

    By The Angry Comic Book Critic                    Okay now this film is a guilty pleasure for me...sometimes because I love these two franchise's in this film to death I even loved it's predessor despite the PG-13 rating but this I'm always on the fence for because this film is very dark I mean it's dark story wise but, what I'm really refering to here is it's dark.Dark as in I can't see a goddamn thing in front of my face and this right here is a little message here I have for the Brother...

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