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Not The Shitty Sequel

By The Angry Comic Book Critic               
        Now this right here is a film I am ready to defend to the death I fucking love this film because every critic out there who said this was absolute shit got it wrong this isn't the shitty sequel of the classic Alien franchise. Alien Resurrection is. Alien 3 was the best sequel possible to The James Cameron's Sci-fi Godcraft Aliens due to it's ending the only other way I can fathom it could have ended was they all go back to earth Newt is adopted by Ripley Bishop gets repaired and Ripley and Hicks get married and they all live happily ever after THE FUCKING END...Now ask yourselves would you have rather seen that boring shit or the dark depressing action fueled thrill ride we got with Alien 3? Me I'm going with the 2nd choice.Why? because the other is you guessed it boring heart warming yes but still really fucking boring now don't get me wrong I like masterfully well done drama pieces as well but when it's an Alien Film I only expect mindblowning effect combined with artfully done story telling and character development not boring shit!Now there are aspects of this film I dislike mostly the deaths of all the core Charcters of the prior film outside of Ripley because wow it was disheartening to see Newt dead because she practically gave Ripley the reason to kick ass in the prior film without her there's no motivation for Ripley now the second thing if you want to knit pick is nearly everyone in the film outside of Ripley,The Black guy and that Guy from The Lost World of Jurassic Park was nearly impossible to tell apart you didn't know who they were as characters and you really didn't care and aside from that those were the only two things in this film to annoy me.
            What is to like some of you may wonder well the New alien breed. Now depending on which cut of the film you see it either comes out of a Dog or some kind of Ox/Cow thing this was something different like the Queen in James Cameron's Aliens it wasn't not the same kind of Alien we've seen in the prior films it was faster and if anything even more terrifing then the other Aliens and goddamn that thing was hard to kill the drown it in fucking molting lead and the fucker's still standing I got to give it props for that.What else oh yeah solid performances by Sigorney Weaver and the black guy he played the preecher man was he an awesome charcter one of the best things in this film was that character because for one he save Ripley from being raped and beats the living shit out the men who attacked her and even manages to rally the surviving convicts into making a last stand to kill the beast and even sacrifices himself to buy Ripley time needed to kill the damned thing.To me that takes some plentiful balls in order to do.Now this film isn't so much a sequel as it is an epiloge because this really shows is how it all ends for Ripley...with an Alien Queen Chestbuster comes out of her as she falls to her death into a fiery pit of death...Yeah that came out a little negitivily but still I liked how it ended solely for the fact the Nightmare for her was over there was absolutely no chance in hell of her returning this is it no more Alien Franchise the Aliens are extinct Ripley's dead and there is no possible way they can make a sequel to this great end to a great series..."Say did yah hear about Alien Resurrection?"...FUCKING FUCK!!! 
           I'm The Angry Comic Book Critic and this Bad Boy gets the Stamp of Approval.
Alien 3 

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