Character » Alicia appears in 11 issues.

    Little Girl who befriends Mr. Biscuits and later leader of the human resistance against Mars

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    Alicia and her friends meets Mr. Biscuits in an abandoned building and she presents him with cookies. They bring Mr. Biscuits to the train station. Mr. Biscuits, with intentions to "eat" the train, jumps onto the rails and it stops with the impact of his arm, which catches the police's attention which causes Alicia's friends to abandon her. Mr. Biscuits senses that the Martian Manhunter has died, so he brings Alicia with him to save the Earth from White Martians. They find and save Daryl Wessel from the Martian Maneater. They all travel to the airport to escape, but Alicia is denied by Daryl to come with them. Mr. Biscuits says goodbye to her with a bag of cookies and promises to one day return.

    After their plane takes off, Alicia is kidnapped by the Martian Maneater. When the red rising occured, she was transported to Mars and the portal granted her ability to breath there. She finds the plane that Mr. Biscuits and Daryl was on. It had been transported there, but Mr. Biscuits and Daryl weren't there. Something made the Martian Manhunter and his alternate personalities arrive on Mars twenty years after Alicia. In that time, she had become a grown woman and started a community of the humans that arrived in the plane. With the other humans, she also formed a force that stood against Ma'alefa'ak and the other martians. This way she developed a hatred for the Martian Manhunter, blaming him and all parts of him, including Mr. Biscuits, for what happened to her.


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